Great Week 1 opener. Was 13-3 out of the gate and I’ll take that any day as well as twice on Sunday.

So, just for laughs, let’s throw in a monetary figure alongside my picks. Strictly for entertainment purposes only, mind you.

Every week I’ll wager $150 on LEO’S LOCK. Put a $100 each on the five LEO’S LOSERS and $50 on all of LEO’S OTHERS.

Here’s how it would have come out last week. Won LEO’S LOCK for $100 (money line, and that’s just picking the winner with no point spread, pays less if team is a favorite and more if it’s an underdog). Won $240 for a 4-1 slate for LEO’S LOSERS and won $140 going 8-2 with LEO’S OTHERS. That’s $480 to the good to start the season.

Let’s put some parameters on my picks because anyone can pick Northern Illinois to lose to Ohio State. To make it easier for you to follow, the point spread is in parenthesis and the home team is capitalized. Here are the rules :

1-Must pick all NCAA and NFL games involving a Florida team.

2-Any other game the point spread, which is the + number if they’re getting points or the – number if they’re giving points, must be under 10.

So let’s take a shot at who will be the losers in Week 2.


East Carolina (+4) loses to NAVY
You heard it first here, my friends. The next “hot head coach commodity ” in NCAA football will be Navy’s Ken Niomatalolo. Probably the only reason he’s still in Annapolis is new alumni can’t pronounce his name. That’s not going to matter anymore. Midshipmen at home will use a time-consuming ground attack to keep high-octane Pirates offense on the sidelines. Big win for Middies.


DUKE (-3) loses to Northwestern
These aren’t you father’s Blue Devils. Duke is much improved but so are the Cats with a big win over Stanford in Evanston. Wildcats in a close one in Durham.

Mississippi (+7) loses to ALABAMA
Last time Ole Miss beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa was 1988.  Enough said. Roll Tide.

Tampa Bay (+9 1/2) loses to NEW ORLEANS
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Bucs got me last week but not this week. Pewter Pirates just not ready for prime time and quarterback Drew Brees will be smarting after last week’s loss in Arizona. Saints and crowd noise in the dome beat the Buccaneers.

Atlanta (+2 1/2) loses to NEW YORK GIANTS
After the debacle in Dallas last Monday night, G-Men can’t wait to get back on the field to atone for that loss. Falcons will be the recipient of the Giants wrath. Dirty Birds go down in Jersey.

GREEN BAY (-3 1/2) loses to Seattle
This will get me in trouble with my Wisconsin in-laws but the Pack is simply running out of bodies on offense. Now tackle Bryan Bulaga can’t go. I know Packers have Aaron Rodgers under center but #12 can’t throw it when he’s on his back. Also, Green Bay defense will have it’s hands full with Seahawks offense led by former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson. Ironic that former Badger leads win over Pack at Lambeau.

Florida (-3) loses to KENTUCKY
South Florida (+7) loses to MARYLAND
Georgia Tech (-2) loses to NOTRE DAME
Nebraska (-3 1/2) loses to MIAMI-FL
Virginia Tech (-6) loses to PURDUE
Dallas (-5) loses to PHILADELPHIA
Houston (+3) loses to CAROLINA
New England (-1) loses to BUFFALO
JACKSONVILLE (+6) loses to Miami