Had a chance to talk with Saints QB Drew Brees and Head Coach Sean Peyton.  Got some very interesting answers. Enjoy.

LH:You’ve seen the Tampa 2 enough you can probably write a book about it. They may line up in it and then move to a Cover 0 or a single high look.  How often, in your opinion, do the Bucs actually play the Tampa 2.

DB:If you break it down statistically it comes out to be about a third and a third and a third. A third Tampa 2. A third high single safety zone. A third man-to-man. I’m sure they self-scout and look to try and keep it even. They’ll also try to disguise it at times and do different things like all good defenses do. I’ve been going up against a Lovie Smith defense for a long time. They’re always very well coached. They’re very disciplined. He’s going to teach things very, very well. They pretty much invented the Tampa 2 defense. They’re big on trying to take the ball away which has been a great strength for that defense.

LH:When you first started with the Saints you had to game plan for #99 at the 3 technique. Now it’s McCoy. How good is he?

DB:He’s awesome. He’s a stud. I’ve worked out with him a lot in the off-season. He would come out to San Diego. He’s an amazing guy. He works. He loves the game. He takes a lot of pride in it. He’s the total package. He can cause you a lot of problems if you don’t account for him. I told him in the off-season to take it easy on me. I hope he does.

LH:Everybody talks down here about the rookie quarterback but there’s also a rookie middle linebacker starting as well. How hard is it at the NFL level to be the signal-caller on defense?

DB:It’s hard. It’s a big transition. To see the set and make the call. You’re the quarterback of the defense. Definitely a tough job. You have a lot of information being thrown at you all at once.

LH:When Darren Sproles left it seemed like there was a void in your offense. Do you think C.J Spiller can fill that void?

DB:Yeah I do. Absolutely. He brings a great element to what we do. Not just in the passing game but in the run game too. We give him the ball in space and he can do some things with it. I’m excited to see what he can do.

LH:in the past, you defense hasn’t been afraid to go Cover 1 or even Cover 0. Is that still in the plan?

SP:It all depends on the personnel that we have and the opponent. We’re a little banged up in certain areas of our defense but I hope we get healthy by Sunday.

LH:How much of a home field advantage is the dome and the loudness of your fans?

SP:It’s a big help. Team know it’s going to be loud and have to use time at practice to work on something they normally don’t have to worry about. Anytime you make a team do something they are not accustomed to doing it’s to your advantage.