I’ll call this The Dirty Half Dozen. Six ramblings on different sports topics. Here goes.

1-The Lightning, if they happen to get to the last minute of overtime, should pull the goalie in an attempt to win the game before it gets to a shoot out.  If there’s a team worse than Tampa Bay in the one-on-one game finale, I haven’t seen them. Bolts are just horrific in that phase and it doesn’t look like there’s any improvement on the horizon.

2-Don’t look now but the South Florida Bulls could end up in the American Athletic Conference championship game. If USF can beat Cincinnati at home Friday and then UCF Thanksgiving night in Orlando there’s a good chance they will represent the AAC East. If that occurs, and with Temple having to play Memphis, an Owls loss puts the Bulls in the AAC Bug Dance.  Heck of a turnaround for Taggert’s Troops.

3-I just want the NCAA Football Playoff Committee to just answer one question for me. Is it who you beat or who beats you? If it’s the latter, Alabama isn’t even in the conversation after losing AT HOME to a three-loss Ole Miss squad. Come on, Committee. What’s the main criteria? Enough said on that.

4-What was the Missouri administration thinking?  By giving the perception that the reason the President and Chancellor resigned was because the football team was refusing to play unless major changes were made have sent shock waves throughout the NCAA. Every Athletic Director is holding their breath that it doesn’t happen to them and where they’re worried is basketball. Takes a lot to get 90 plus football players to agree on anything so you can’t discount the situation at Muzzou. Wouldn’t be difficult to get 15 roundballers to withhold their services in a March Madness final. I’m just saying the blueprint had been created.

5-At the halfway point of the season there are a league-record three teams that are still undefeated in the NFL. To no ones surprise, one of the teams is the New England Patriots.  The other two no one, including yours truly, saw them with a zero to the right of the dash this far into the season. Congrats to the Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers for their perfect start. Odds are that none of them will finish 16-0 but it’ll be fun to follow.

6-The Paris bombing has left me speechless. The inhumanity of man has gone to a new level. The senseless carnage needs to stop before a massive retaliatory strike becomes not just a theory but a reality. Then the price of poker gets real expensive.