Oh yes, the Cleveland Cavaliers get big props for coming back from a 3 to 1 deficit in the NBA finals to defeat the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James and Company rescued the “Mistake on the Lake” from decades of major sports championship futility with a gutty performance on the road in Game 7 to capture the 2016 NBA championship.

What very few NBA media realized, at the time, that the series ended in Game 5.  They focused on the fact that the Warriors dynamic dual of Seth Curry and Klay Thompson had, for them, bad shooting days in the last three games and that cost them the championship. The media brought out the fact that if you live by the three, you die by the three and that was a reason, but not the major factor, that caused the Warriors to lose the NBA championship series.

The one player the Western Conference champions could not afford to lose, they lost in Game 5.   And that individual was center Andrew Bogut.

Indeed, the poor shooting by the Warriors, especially from beyond the arc, contributed to the loss. The fact that the Cavaliers decided to become extremely physical, and get away with it, when guarding Curry, the reigning NBA MVP, was a determining factor.  Great play by James, but moreso Kylie Irving, put the Cavaliers in a position to win the series which they did. But it was not the main reason the Cavs are now wearing the mantle of NBA Champs.

In Games 1through 4, Golden State was successful in three of them because they could move out on Cleveland’s perimeter shooters without fear of the Cavaliers driving to the basket. That was because “The Big Aussie” was there to protect the rim. With a high of 5 blocked shots in Game 2, the Warriors set the tone and jumped out to what seem to be a commanding 3-1 series lead with Bogut successfully intimidating the. Cavs that drove to the basket.

Then the roof fell on the Warriors. Early in the third quarter of Game 5, #12 injured his left knee while attempting to block a shot by JR Smith.  That, my friends, was the beginning of the end for Golden State.

With Bogut out, Cleveland attacked the basket with reckless abandon. With no one to protect the hoop, the Golden State perimeter defenders had to back off the Cleveland shooters so they wouldn’t drive unmolested down the lane. Golden State had no threat to block shots with Bogut on the sidelines.  The shooters on the Cavaliers now had more room, especially behind the three-point arc, and Cleveland took full advantage of the situation.

So, as you can see, the outcome was inevitable. Golden State lost it’s enforcer in the lane and Cleveland took advantage of that situation perfectly.  Bogut’s injury, in my opinion, sealed the victory for the Cavaliers.



The hardest question right now is to pick which Cleveland team is on fire. Sure, the Cavs won the NBA championship and you would think that would be the gold medal winner. As Lee Corsi says, not so fast!

While the Cavaliers were beating the Warriors in one of the best seven-game finals series in recent memory, the Cleveland Indians started their longest winning streak in franchise history. It ended at 14 straight wins on July 3rd and left them in the top spot in the American League Central Division.

After such a long wait, Cleveland finally has a championship. Is two in the same year possible? Hang around. This could be a heck of a ride especially if your from northern Ohio!



If you think the rhetoric cannot stoop any lower than it did during the presidential primaries, think again.  Ladies and gentlemen, that was just the undercard. The main event will begin in earnest now that each party has nominated their candidate.

The Trump-Clinton debates should be entertaining television but it will probably set a new low when it comes to trash-talking. Both are ruthless with Trump in the corporate world and Clinton in the field of politics. Neither likes to lose and will do just about anything to win. Both candidates have “skeletons in the closet” that they want to keep out of the public eye. The fun part will be to see if either or neither or both has an “off-limits” area and the other candidate honors it.

Fire up the DVR until the election is over to avoid this venomous rhetoric. I will because look for fireworks galore from now until the first Monday following the first Tuesday in November.



Ok, let’s deal with the sport in season and that’s the MLB. Here’s what the crystal ball sees for the 2016 World Series.

In the National League, this is finally the year the Chicago Cubs make it to the Fall Classic. Yeah, the crystal ball sees that the Northsiders can’t beat the Mets but New York will be an afterthought come October. Cubbies over the San Francisco Giants to represent the NL.

In the Junior Circuit, the crystal ball sees the Texas Rangers emerging as the American League representative. It’s a Lone Star State ALCS with Texas beating the Houston Astros to carry the AL banner.

In the World Series, the crystal ball see the Cubs over the Rangers in a very closely contested seven-game finale.  Will be great viewing just to see Chicago Manager Joe Madden’s defensive manipulations.