220px-AmbassadorDanRooneyOfficialDOES ANYONE GAVE A CLUE ?


For some strange reason, the Rooney Rule has come to the forefront of media discussion this week. Why it has become such a “hot topic” of conversation at this time is beyond my comprehension.

For those of you that don’t know what the Rooney Rule is, let me inform you. The Rooney Rule, proposed and named after Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, was instituted in 2003. The rule requires every NFL team, before the hiring of any head coaching position, must interview at least one minority candidate for that vacancy.

Now, current notable members of the media are crying foul. They are pontificating that all the Rooney Rule does is pacify minority candidates who, in reality, don’t have a “snowballs chance in you-know-where” of getting hired as an NFL head coach.

I submit that the Rooney Rule has done exactly what it was created to do.  It has provided minority head coaching candidates with an opportunity to go through the interview process. That is invaluable because, even if the candidate doesn’t get the position, two things have been accomplished. First, they now know what to expect when they go through the process in the future which will allow them to be better prepared and that’s huge. Second, and probably more importantly, the word will travel around the league that “Minority Coach A” had a great interview and would be an excellent candidate when another head coaching vacancy comes about. Networking is enormous too.

The bottom line is that you’re not going to have a Mike Tomlin that literally “knocks it out of the park” during his interview and gets hired. Also, you’re not going to dictate to Jerry Jones or any of the other 31 very rich owners of an NFL franchise who they have to hire to be the “face of their franchise” from the coaching side. Not happening, period.




I know that in the past taxpayers were glad to pay for stadiums so their beloved sports franchise would remain in their city. Folks, those days are over.

The “sweetheart” deals that owners were given to keep their teams in their present location are definitely a thing of the past especially with the National Football League. Now that the St. Louis Rams have relocated back to Los Angeles, the threat of moving a team to LA is gone.

Will taxpayers agree to “bear the brunt” of some of the cost of a new stadium? I think so but they will have to see a big “bang for their buck” in return especially after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paid for the new stadium in Dallas out of his own pocket.

Taxpayers are going to think if Jerry can do it why can’t our owner when they walk into the polls to vote on a referendum to pay for a new stadium. The results of that election may be a resounding no to full funding for a stadium.



The Crystal Ball truly hopes that this prediction is wrong but too many factors are saying this is happening. The Rio Olympics are heading in direction of being the biggest debacle in modern sports history.

From the Zika virus to questionable protection by police and fire departments as well as the military to environmental concerns to the uncertainty of certain sites being completed on time to a government in turmoil, these Olympic Games are shrouded in controversy and uncertainty. Don’t be surprised if something tragic occurs.

For the first time at an Olympic site, the threat of kidnappings and other violent activity must be taken seriously. Criminal factions will not only be looking to take people but also technology. Not only could a drug cartel demand a huge ransom for the safe return of an athlete but just imagine what they could do with a television satellite truck.

Again, the Crystal a Ball hopes this doesn’t come to fruition but the images that are coming up are not promising.