By Leo HaggertyLHaggertyHS_081615-8sm

Quick Counts today consists of two quick comments by Head Coach Dirk Koetter and WR Vincent Jackson.

LH : Coach, we know everyone wants to make a play in training camp. You got guys diving for balls without shoulder pads. Do you hold your breath when you see that happening?

DK : Yeah. You do. Technically, when we don’t have pads on, we tell guys to stay on their feet. The name of the game is competition. You’ve got 90 guys trying for 53 spots and it’s professional football.

LH : Morning practice or afternoon practice. What the verdict so far ?

VJ : You know what, the morning has been a fan favorite in the locker room right now. It allows us to get off our feet and get more things done in the afternoon. We can come out in the evening time and do out walk-throughs at night. It’s going to be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler at 8 am than it will be it the afternoon. Right now, the morning practice is a plus.