Good day for the defense today. Find out why below from HC Dirk Koetter along with DC Mike Smith plus FS Chris Conte.

LH : In the two-minute drill early in practice, QB Mike Glennon hit TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins for a touchdown. Was that the play call or did he check out of it?

DK : That was the play call. We were screwed up out of the huddle and Mike fixed it. We wanted to hit Austin on a double move but we came out in the wrong formation. I was on the side so I don’t know exactly how we got screwed up. They got it fixed and that’s good. That’s what you should do. Get your big guys down. It was great to see Austin make that catch.

LH : Last year you lost the last four games and MLB Kwon Alexander didn’t play. Was that a coincidence or is he that big of a cog in the defensive machinery?

DK : I believe that wasn’t a coincidence. I believe they missed him a lot. I think Kwon is a big cog in our defense. He’s the quarterback of the defense. He’s the Jameis of the defense. It definitely played a part in that.

LH : It looked like QB Jameis Winston was having a little bit of trouble reading coverages today. It looked like the defense was lining up in one coverage and running to another on the snap.

DK : They were doing some crazy disguises today. They were doing a lot with their fronts. The first thing the QB and the center have to do is get the protection straight. They were giving us some walk-around looks today. We saw a couple snaps of it yesterday but, when you start getting unique fronts and walk around fronts, those are always a challenge. After the protection is settled, and the clock is winding down, you have to snap it. Then you have to see the coverage and make a good decision. It’s really good work for us. It’s not easy for us and, trust me, they’re not just standing there in Covet 2 or Cover 3.

LH : So DC Mike Smith is throwing the kitchen sink at you now?

DK : They are giving us a lot. It’s great for both sides. It’s good. It’s exciting. It’s exciting to watch.

LH : I asked HC Dirk Koetter if you’re starting to throw the kitchen sink at them. He said you’re showing some unique things. Is that what’s happening?

MS : I don’t know if you would call it that. We’re trying to put our players in the best positions. We have had a chance to evaluate these guys now at OTAs and 10 practices. We’re getting a good idea of what they can and can’t do. It’s our job as coaches to put them in positions where they can be successful.

LH : You’ve had a chance to see DT Gerald McCoy on film. Now you see him up close every day. How good is he?

MS : I think Gerald is one of the best defensive tackles in the league. One of the best defensive lineman. Very explosive. Hard to block. I’m more impressed about how he goes about his business. When he come in it’s all business. He has a nice smile on his face but, when we put the pads on and the helmets on and go out to practice, he has one thing in mind. That’s being a disruptive player and he does that.

LH : How nice is it that your hardest working player is your best player?

MS : Absolutely. I think it’s so important that your football team grows organically. Players recognize the leaders and the leaders will come each year. Each year, there are different guys on the rosters. By far on defense, he’s the guy that’s the driving force on the field.

LH : On your first interception, it looked like you lined up in Covet 2 and ran to a different coverage on the snap. Is that what happened?

CC : Nope. We we in one of our coverages where I was playing underneath. We’re in a high coverage. Not Cover 2.

LH : So you did line up in Cover 2?

CC : We try to give teams a lot of different looks.