By Leo Haggerty

Normally, our KSP NFC West correspondent would be handling this chore. This week is an exception because Rick Moore, along with me, will be traveling to New Jersey for our 45th high school reunion. For that reason, we’re letting him off the hook and bringing HC Bruce Arians out of the bullpen to talk about his Arizona Cardinals. Enjoy!

LH : You get to see WR Larry Fitzgerald every day. We only get to see him on game days. Are we looking at a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee in your opinion?

BA : In my opinion, I don’t think there’s any doubt. I’m more impressed with the person, then the player.

LH : RB David Johnson had a great game Sunday night especially in the second half. Did you do anything different at halftime to make that happen?

BA : Not necessarily. We just started playing a little bit better and a little bit more cohesively. Johnson had an outstanding game and I think he’s going to be a great player.

LH : LBs Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David are tackling machines. Do you see then doing anything different in Mike Smith’s defense than in the past?

BA : Those two guys can really run and they can hit. Watch Kwon’s film when he was at LSU, that’s what he did the best.  Both of these guys fit perfectly into Mike’s defense. We see that they’re doing some different things this year scheme-wise.  Mike has always been one of the best coaches in the league.

LH : In the second half, it seemed like you did a better job protecting Carson Palmer. Looked like he could throw it where he wanted to and when he wanted to. Is that pretty much what happened ?

BA Yeah, we got a little bit better as the game went on. We had some young guys that didn’t get in their reception areas where they belonged. It took a while to get a feel for a team and I think Carson did get a feel for them as the game progressed.

LH : How’s a Philly guy doing out in the desert?

BA : I’m enjoying it. I wake up in paradise every day. We have palm trees and sunshine.  When the temperature is in double digits it’s just beautiful.