By Leo Haggerty
Today, we head up to the Midwest to have our NFC North expert, Kaz Rivard, give us the scoop on the Monsters of the Midway.  Moreso, it’s more about what he thinks about what’s happening with Bears QB Jay Cutler.  Enjoy.
LH ; Is this a new and improved Jay Cutler coming back from injury?
KR : Cutler did well in defeating the Vikes going into the bye week, but it is too early to tell if he has vastly improved to a point where I can stand fully behind him leading the charge for the Bears. One could think he may be playing the rest of this season thinking he will have a new home come next year. My opinion, he needs to finish out the season strong to create a case where he is still in consideration as a starter in the NFL.
LH : With the way the NFC North is playing, if the Bears put together a four-or-five-game winning streak, can they get back in the mix to win the division?
KR : There is a chance, and they have put on sound performances beating the 1 and 2 seeds in the division this season. However, the Lions are my pick at this point to take the division. 8-8 very well could win the NFC North this season.
LH : With the hype with the Cubs in Chicago, does anyone there care about how the Bears are doing?
KR : There are still a select few die-hard Bears fans floating around, but the Cubs have the cities full attention until Spring Training.
LH : Chicago’s defense held the Vikings to 10 points last Monday night.  Is that a very good Bears defense or a very bad Vikings offense or a combination of both?
KR : The Vikings offense has not done much all season to impress me. I hate to take credit away from the Bears D, but Minnesota is in a lot of trouble offensively.
LH : Did the bye week come at the right time for the Bears?
KR : Giving Cutler an extra week after his first game back could play in their favor riding into Tampa.
LH : Who wins and why?
KR : If the same Cutler that played Minnesota shows up, I have the Bears. If he brings out his old, negative tendencies, I have Tampa. I feel this games decision comes down to one man, Jay Cutler.