By Leo Haggerty

Well, the beat when on in Week 16.  Another plus week and. this time, I hit the three-digit mark in winnings.

Leo’s Lock (13-3 overall) rang the bell again for another Benjamin. Leo’s Losers was a respectable 3-2 (40-40 overall) for a $125 to the good. Finally, Leo’s Others checked in with an outstanding 7-3 (101-58-1 overall) for $160 in the black. That adds up to a positive $385 for Week 16 bringing the yearly total to plus $2,310.  Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Now for Week 17. I’m going to go with, as my good friend and KSP NFC West colleague Rick Moore states on the appropriate occassion, “Dog Logic” when it comes to National Football League prognostications.  I am true believer that, the week before the final NFL regular season week, a ridiculous number of home teams end up on the left side of the dash along with a disproportionate number of unders.  So there won’t be a great deal of the normal explanation brcause its just “Dog Logic” so deal with it.

For this reason, I an picking the home team in every game. Yes, I think Cleveland finally breaks into the win column and the Eagles slow up the Giants express.

So it’s just a matter of where they fit into the Leo’s Losers matrix.  Look below and find out.


Minnesota (+6 1/2) loses to GREEN BAY

Green Bay, AT HOME, with a chance to win the NFC North and host a playoff game on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in January?  Plus, the Vikes played like the Yikes last week.  Pack,28-10, in a romp.



Ariziona (+7 1/2) loses to SEATTLE’

Seattle, AT HOME, with the 12th Man in full voice with a chance to grab the 2nd seed in the NFC?  Seahawks, 24-17, in a game that will go down to the last possession.


Miami (+4) loses to BUFFALO

Buffalo, AT HOME, with an outside shot at making the playoffs against a Fish squad that is minus starting QB Ryan Tannyhill?  Bills, 18-12, in a FG fest.


Baltimore (+5) loses to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, AT HOME, with a shot at getting the 2nd seed in the AFC and all the Terrible Towels waving as the cold wind coming off the merging of the Allegheny and the Monogahela to form the Ohio River?  Steelers, 23-15, in a rock ’em-sock ’em affair.  

Denver (+4) loses to KANSAS CITY

Kansas City, AT HOME, with a shot at winning the AFC West with the Arrowhead Stadium crowd a the ultimate decible level?  Chiefs, 20-13, in a close one. 


Detroit (+7 1/2) loses to DALLAS

Dallas, AT HOME, with a chance to beat a potential playoff opponent and all roads to the Super Bowl in the NFC lead through Jerry’s World?  Cowboys, 31-17, in a blowout.


New York Giants (-2 1/2) loses to PHILADELPHIA

Washington (No Line) loses to CHICAGO

Tampa Bay (+3) loses to NEW ORLEANS

Atlanta (-4) loses to CAROLINA

New York Jets (+16 1/2) loses to NEW ENGLAND

San Diego (-6) loses to CLEVELAND

San Francisco (+4) loses to LOS ANGELES

Cincinnati (+2) loses to HOUSTON

Tennessee (-4) loses to JACKSONVILLE

Indianapolis (+4) loses to OAKLAND