By Leo Haggerty

It’s Super Bowl prediction time.  The guys at It’s Sports Magazine and Knights Sports Productions have combined to give you their unusual brand of insight into why they think the Falcons or the Patriots will emerge victorious in Houston Sunday evening.

The BIG key to this game will not be the quarterbacks but the receivers.  Both Brady and Ryan are too savvy to be fooled but that is not the case for the receiving corps for each team.  If the QB reads zone and the receiver reads man, then Brady and Ryan have to come off their primary target and work through their progressions.  That will give the pass rushers for each team extra time to get to the passer.  That could result in hurries for incomplete passes or knockdowns or sacks or interceptions or fumbles.  None of them good for the offense.

Whichever group of receivers is able to decipher the coverage correctly on a consistent basis will be the winner.  That will lead to fewer mistakes and less chance for crutial turnovers.

According to Ron Jaworski, “more Super Bowls are lost than won” and I couldn’t agree more with that assessment.  With that said, here’s my call.  Atlanta has too many weapons on offense for the Pats to hold them under 28.  Conversely, Tom Brady will find a way to get New England to the promise land as well.

Look for the Dirty Birds to make the fewer mistakes and win with a late Matt Bryant field goal in an offensive slugfest.

ATL 31.  NE 28.

Check out the rest of our predictions and make sure you check out the facts and figures from our own KSP correspondent Jerome Vickers at the end of the article.  It’s definitely worth the read and you won’t find a better analytical breakdown then the one provided by JV.

Enjoy the opinions and the game!