Bucs Display Champions Character Outside the Lines

By Al Curtiss

NFL Mini-Camps, with players outfitted only in shorts and tee shirts, rarely give coaches and fans a true look at the quality of their football team during the 6-seconds it takes to run a play.

However, one can tell a lot about the character of a team when watching what goes on outside the lines, and it is here where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers demonstrated the character of a champion during the June 13-15 mini-camp.

We saw Jameis Winston lead the quarterbacks as they sprinted to new stations every time the horn sounded to switch drills. We watched as veteran players helped coach up rookies and those new to the pewter. It was 11-year veteran cornerback, Brent Grimes, getting in extra work with an assistant coach on a basic break-on-the-ball drill. It is a defensive player counseling and correcting an offensive lineman who missed on a block on the kick-off return.

It is the little things that count. It is the doing the little things right that build a champion. It is a message that Dirk Koetter and his staff have been hammering away at for more than a year.

For three days in June, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where getting the message and demonstrating they have the character required to contend for a championship.