By Leo Haggerty

Another contest cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. Bulls fans, I cannot disagree with this decision and here’s why.

First, there is an extremely good chance that USF would not be able to get back to Tampa after the game in Connecticut.  Even if the Bulls had a chartered flight, there’s a possibility that Tampa International Airport will be closed due to the  high winds that will precede Irma.

Second, and this is the big one, Irma is a hurricane that no one has any prior knowledge of a similar event taking place.  For the eye of a hurricane to come right up the center of the Florida peninsula is unprecedented.  The damage that will be inflicted is astronomical.

We Floridians are a hearty lot.  We’ve looked other hurricanes in the eye and they blinked.

Irma, I sadly must say, is a different animal.  It’s got Florida in the cross hairs and there’s no place to hide.

Most of my family is out of Florida and safe.  My daughter and I are riding it out in Tampa.

Hopefully, look for a column next week when Irma blows through sometime Sunday evening or Monday morning.  God willing, I’ll let you know how it was and I don’t think it will be a pretty report.