FROM THE OTHER SIDE : BEARS & Patrick Geanconteri

Welcome to our first edition of FROM THE OTHER SIDELINE.  Each week, one of our NFL aficionados will breakdown the upcoming opponent for the Pewter Pirates.

This week, out NFC North expert Patrick Geanconteri, takes a look at what Chicago needs to do to come away with a victory at Raymond James Stadium Sunday.  Enjoy the insight.

LH : Is QB Mike Glennon just a stopgap until Mitchell Trubisky is ready or is he the answer for theBears under center going forward in the Windy City?PG : Mike Glennon will be the high priced back up QB…. next year. This season is going to be a learning process for Mitchell Trunisky to understand the play book, the check downs, and the pace of the NFL. This is Glennon’s season, good or bad but he might be set up for failure because of the skilled positions Chicago has, or the lack there of. The Bears lack at both positions especially at WR, where their #1 WR is another teams #3 and the fault will fall back on Glennon no matter what. The bar is set low for the offensive this season.LH : The Bears should have beat Atlanta last week and you never want one loss to turn into two. Can the Bears shake off basically gift-wrapping a Falcons win by dropping a pass on the goal lineand move on to getting a victory at Tampa Bay?

PG : One would hope that professionals will shake off their work the previous week and focus on this game but last week is a learning experience for this team. A victory against last year’s Super Bowl team would have started this season on a high note but failure to catch a ball to win the game could be a sample of the Bear’s season moving forward. However, this game versus Tampa Bay is going to be special on many levels for the home team since Hurricane Irma and the Bucs defense will swarm.

LH : The Bears offensive unit doesn’t have the star quality at the skilled positions like other teams. Who needs to have a big game on offense for the Bears to win?

PG : Mike Glennon needs to have a big game for the Bears to have a chance to defeat the Bucs. Starting skilled players are either inactive, hurt, or game time decision which doesn’t hold up well against a hungry TB defense. Glennon has played against the Bucs defense over the years during his tenure on TB so he should know the tendencies of certain players but he needs help from the line and back-up positional players must step up their game. Glennon needs to control the pace of the offense and manage the clock to have any chances to win on Sunday. He has the experience in this league however a thirsty defense, missing positional players, season opener, and playing for the people of Tampa all will go in the favor of the Buccos, not the visitors from Chicago.

LH : The Chicago defense did an excellent job of stopping the Falcons when they needed to late in the fourth quarter. Can they stop what looks like a similar high-powered Tampa Bay offense with multiple weapons?

PG: Yes they can stop any high-power offense but football is won in all three aspects of the game. Bears’ defense had been built up over the years to be fast and strong, especially in the secondary and line, but the offense has been lacking in leading the team to victories. However, I think the speed and physicality of the Bucs positional players will overcome what the Bears throw at them and come out with success.

LH : This is the opener for the Bucs. Is that a positive or a negative for the Bears?

PG: Well….. it’s both. It’s a positive because the Bears have a regular game under their belt and hopefully cleaned up their mistakes from their game against Atlanta to have a better result. However it is also a negative because a team with a lot of potential watching week 1 football on their couches have this “Let’s go!!!!!” attitude. I am only guessing that the Bucs will come out going 100 miles per hour when the first whistle blows. Also, The Bucs are playing for much more than a football game as their opener. Sports is one way to bring the community or Buc fan nation together even more. One week since Hurricane Irma hit the local area, where some neighborhoods are without power still, sports is a great way to heal the wounds and bring the community together again. TB will fight harder and play for more than just a win, they’re playing for all of Tampa area, fans or not.

LH : OK, let’s get to the bottom line. I’ve got the Bucs winning a close one 23-20 but I wouldn’t besurprised if the outcome is different. Patrick, who wins and why?

PG: The Bucs win 27-10 over Da Bears. There is too much on the line for the Bucs to lose their opener because of Atlanta’s win last week and what is means to Tampa presently. The building of the Bucs team over the years will be on showcase this year and it starts with game one of this season. Buc fans should be excited for this season and many to come.