By Leo Haggerty & Rick Moore
Tampa Bay travels to the almost the Left Coast to take on the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday afternoon.  That means we get to hear from our National Football Conference West guru Rick Moore about what is happening in Phoenix with the Cardinals.
Below are his assertions on the contest will transpire.  Always remember, Bucs fans, that “Father Knows Best” when it comes to West Coast football.
LH :  I know Arizona got crushed last week by the Eagles in Philly.  I thought it was an unfair playing field in that the game was at 1 PM EDT and that’s 10 AM body time for the Cards.  I don’t know if that affects the outcome but I think that’s a big advantage for the Green Birds over the Red Birds.  Your thoughts on that? 

RM : I  think that makes a difference, but these are NFL football players. Strap your helmet on and go. A three hour time difference cannot make up for a terribly played game. The Cardinals were outplayed by a better Philly team.

LH : I see Arizona picked up Adrian Peterson from the Saints.  Is there enough tread left on his tire to make a difference in the Cardinals running game?

RM : The loss of David Johnson was a big blow to the Cardinals season. That one hurt. But if you had to grab someone mid season to play running back for you, Adrian Peterson is a pretty good choice. If he can’t step up and make a positive contribution, the Cardinals season will be over.

LH : I know you’re on the Left Coast and the Eastern media doesn’t see a lot of Arizona games.  With that being said, I’ll put WR Larry Fitzgerald up against any wide receiver in the National Football League.  Do you agree with that assessment?   

RM :
 I do agree. And although your assessment about west coast football is correct, I believe the coaches of the NFL teams know Larry Fitzgerald is maybe the best receiver in the league. He can still make the big plays.

LH : On offense, QB Carson Palmer has been constantly under duress when he tries to throw the football.  On defense, the Cards have given up 125 in five games.  Can Arizona fix these two problems or is it something that’s going to plague the Cardinals all season?

RM : This is a big problem. Unfortunately, I don’t think this problem can be fixed at this stage of the season. The coaching staff made this a priority in pre-season, and their strategy  has been a failure. Palmer is in for a long season.

LH : If the Cardinals don’t make the playoffs this year, HC Bruce Arians could be on the hot seat.  I don’t think so but I’m in Florida and you’re in Arizona.  Does Arians need to get to January football to keep his job?

RM : Yes. He is on the hot seat for sure. If no January football, no more Bruce Arians in Phoenix next year.
RM : After that Philly game, the fans have lost confidence. Tampa Bay 35, Arizona 24.