By Leo Haggerty









I’ve waited almost a full week to post my AFTER THE DUST SETTLES column on the Buccaneers contest against the Lions.  It’s not that I’ve been lazy.  It’s that I’ve been debating which side of the fence I need to be on when it comes to the issue of whether HC Dirk Koetter needs to be replaced.  That’s what has come out of the loss to Detroit.

Well, I’m made a leap off the safety of that middle ground and here it is.  For Koetter to continue calling the shots in Tampa Bay, the Pewter Pirates MUST win one of their last three contest.  Below is my reasons for that statement.

First, the last three games will be a great indicator of where the Bucs are because all of the tilts are against all of their National Football Conference South opponents.  Also, none of thise teams will be “resting” their starters against them Pewter Pirates because all are still in the mix to win the NFC South division title.

In the beginning of the year, most pundits thought the Buccaneers would have been in that mix.  For whatever reason, Tampa Bay underachieved and someone will have to take the blame and that may have to Koetter.

Second, how the team plays will be a huge barometer.  If the team does lose all there game but, are competitive and all are close, Koetter keeps his job.  If the Bucs lay down and play desd, then that will seal the deal for Coach Dirk.









Finally, let’s put out there what most people are whispering.  To this point, I would have to say the Buccaneers selected the wrong quarterback.

Jameis Winston is still making the same mistakes and, especially in the last game, looked totally disinterested.  For the first part, I put the blame on #3.  For the second part, I going to give him a pass and here’s why.

Winston is an emotional guy and wears that on his sleeve. Sometimes, it’s a detriment but, for the most part, is a huge advantage.

#3 feeds off being amped up.  I think the Bucs coaching staff is trying to tone him down and that’s a major mistake.

Jameis has to be Jameis.  He’s not stoic like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers so don’t try and make him that.  It’s not in his DNA.  Hell, we’re talking about a guy who, normally, would only be a year or two out of Florida State University.

As far as NFL quarterbacks, he’s still wet behind the ears.  Let Winston develop and let his game day preparation do the same.

For Koetter, it all comes down to a three-game season.  Two or three W’s and you’re here for another year. Win one and I think he still stays.  Lose all three, and the 4-12 Pewter Pirates are in the market for a new Head Coach.

In my mind, it’s that simple.  It’s a production league.  It’s win or go home and that’s what three L’s will mean for the Bucs head man.

All photos provided by It’s Sports Magazine photo-journalist Jeff Fox.