By Leo Haggerty

Week 17 was one of those that had peaks and valleys.  What that normally means is that it’s pretty much of a wash week and, ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly what happened.

On the peak side, LEO’S LOCK (15-2 overall) was victorious and cashed in 150 skins.  On the valley side, LEO’S LOSERS (47-38 overall), after a few weeks of being very productive, came back to earth with a 2-3 log that took $275 off my winnings.  Finally, with a small peak, LEO’S OTHERS (101-69 overall) posted a 6-4 campaign for 100 pesos in the black.

That totals out to a negative 25 yen for Week 17.  Subtract that from my overall winnings of $4,800 and that leaves me with $4,775 of house money.  That’s always a good thing to be playing with the cash of someone else.

On a side note, I mentioned the fact that you may want to consider taking all the unders last week.  Again, don’t ask me why, but for some reason when you get to the next to last week of the National Football League regular season the under seems to be the predominant score.

Well, if you had done what I suggested last week and put 200 greenbacks on every under, you would have done very well.  Very well to the tune of 13-3 and a profit of $1,940.

So I guess that verified my hypothesis.  We’ll have to put it to the test again next season.

My final picks for the year are below and no sense adding explanations.  Some teams may be resting their starters for the playoffs so the verbiage may be moot points to say the least.

Let’s see if I can make that 5,000 dollar plateau.  See you next year for LEO’S LOSERS.


TAMPA BAY (+6 1/2) loses to New Orleans


DENVER (-4) loses to Kansas City

Cleveland (+6 1/2) loses to PITTSBURGH

Green Bay (+6 1/2) loses to DETROIT

Arizona (+9) loses to SEATTLE

Cincinnati (+9) loses to BALTIMORE


NEW YORK GIANTS (+3) loses to Washington

Dallas (-2 1/2) loses to PHILADELPHIA

New York Jets (+14 1/2) loses to NEW ENGLAND

Chicago (+11 1/2) loses to MINNESOTA

Houston (+5 1/2) loses to INDIANAPOLIS

San Francisco (- 4) loses to LOS ANGELES RAMS

Oakland (+7 1/2) loses to LOS ANGELES CHARGERS

Carolina (+3 1/2) loses to ATLANTA

MIAMI (+2 1/2) loses to Buffalo

TENNESSEE (-3) loses to Jacksonville