Keep in mind one thing, Bulls fans. Sunday was the first day in pads and it was a typical coastal Florida summer day.  It was hot and it was humid with almost no breeze.

Give the team a lot of credit.  Although they were exhausted, the Green & Gold made it through all 24 periods.  That, my devout readers, was no easy task.

After Sunday’s practice, I had a chance to talk with four members of the USF football program.  The first was Offensive Lineman William Atterbury.  As you will see, the Junior from Clearwater gives you a pretty good idea as to what the mindset of the team is going into the 2018 campaign.


LH : Your offensive runs plays at a ridiculous speed.  How hard is that for big guys like you on the offensive line to get used to?

WA : It’s all about conditioning and it starts in the off season.  Obviously, it talks a couple of days once you start fall practice to get back into the rhythm.  Once we get into the season, it’s just becomes routine to us.

LH : Are you a man or zone blocking scheme team?

WA : I think we do a little bit of both.  We’re a hybrid offense.  It depends on the personnel that’s in the game.  I think we are successful either way.

LH : Two straight seasons of double-digit wins and two consecutive bowl victories.  How important is that to be the norm at USF and not the exception?

WA : I think we are just trying to get better every year.  It’s really important, to us, that we get better this year than we were before.

LH : One thing that has eluded this program is a conference championship.  Is that at the top of the list of things to accomplish?

WA : It’s something we definitely have circled.  We had a couple of really close games last year.  I’m looking forward to coming back and getting that championship this year.

By Leo Haggerty

We have to thank Photojournalist Trace Crisp for the excellent photo collage this week.