By Leo Haggerty

We’re back to the SIGHTS and SOUNDS of South Florida fall practice.  Seeing it, and hearing it, are always the best.  The best part is we have two more days of that scenario.

Again, we stay on the offensive side of the football.  Had a chance to talk to Tight End Mitchell Wilcox.  The junior from Tarpon Spring has become the go-to target of the quarterbacks so far this fall.  At 6’5 and 245 pounds, it not surprising that #89 has become the first target for the Green & Gold offense.

As always, Photojournalist Trace Crisp is on the job.  Check out his great shots today including Wilcox who just happens to be our featured interview.


LH : Life without #9.  What’s it like?

MW : It’s definitely an adjustment.  We counted on him to make so many plays for us.  It’s just different.  The guys we have now have got to step up and make plays.  We’re working hard at it.

LH : As much as you throw the football, being the third or fourth option isn’t bad too bad, right?

MW : It’s not.  It’s like you said, there are many options.  We have a lot of firepower.  The ball can go anywhere on the field.

LH : Two years of double-digit wins.  How important is it to keep that going?

MW : It is so important.  I mean, we are definitely looking to build off the previous year.  We still have guys that can accomplish that and help us win a conference championship.  We have to build on what we did last year and keep on going forward.

LH : How important is that elusive conference championship?

MW : Very important.  That’s the goal every year.  We were on the cusp of doing that the past two years.  It’s a big goal for us.

LH : Are you a tight end masquerading as a wide receiver or a wide receiver masquerading as a tight end?

MW : I’d like to think that I can do both.  People have called me a block-first tight end but I don’t think that’s accurate.  I am very confident in my down-the-field capabilities.  It depends on people’s opinions.  I fell I am a dual-threat tight end.