By Leo Haggerty

Ok, Mother Nature called an audible on USF today.  Trust me, it was a beauty.

Was sitting at One Buc waiting for the Pewter Pirates to finish practice so I could get a couple of interviews for my column.  They moved inside because there was a chance of bad weather that didn’t materialize until after practice.

When it did, it was a monsoon.  Driving rain and high winds to go along with massive lightning forced the players to remain inside the indoor practice facility.  In fact, one of the strikes knocked the lights out for awhile.  It was so bad I thought I was at Tropicana Field where the power is knocked out often during a natural summer fireworks display.

Good news for the Buccaneers.  With their indoor facility, Tampa Bay didn’t miss a beat.

Bad news for the Bulls.  No indoor facility so practice was postponed until 7 PM tonight.

For that reason, going to hold the SOUNDS portion until tomorrow.  Wouldn’t be able to post until around midnight so I’ll just put up more SIGHTS.

Continuing to depend on PhotoJournalist Trace Crisp for the SIGHTS portion and he’s holding up his end of the bargain.