By Leo Haggerty

Back at it with a double-barrel shot of SIGHTS and SOUNDS.  Believe me, today was not for the faint of heart.

USF went at it hot and heavy today and the pictures below prove it.  Head Coach Charlie Strong and his staff are picking up the pace with the opener at home against Elon less than three weeks away.

Today guest interview is Running Back Jordan Cronkrite.  The Miami native put in a full day’s work as you will see below.

Photo Journalist Trace Crisp providing the pictorial collage and , as usual, it’s off the chain.  Great shots of #32 as you will see.  Enjoy.

LH : How important is it to you to attain the elusive first conference championship that USF is still trying to win?

JC : It’s very important to us.  We have to get better to get there.  Getting better is what’s important at the end of the day.

LH : The way your offense spreads out the defense from sideline to sideline, there are times when you line up there are only 6 defenders in the box.  If you break that first level, it’s a footrace after that, isn’t it?

JC : Our offensive line does a great job and our coaches scheme to get us in some really good match up situations.  All I have to do is execute.

LH : Last year, it looked like the running backs would make a call to offensive line.  Are you doing it again this season?

JC : Yes.  Our job is to relay the signals from the sideline to the offensive line.  That allows us to go really fast.

LH : That’s one less thing for the quarterback to worry about, correct?

JC : Exactly.  That’s our job

LH : On offense, you go at a ridiculous rate of speed.  Between you and Clemson, it’s a footrace to see who goes faster.  That puts the defense at a disadvantage, doesn’t it?

JC : We just try to keep the defense on its heels.  The tight ends, receivers, running backs and offensive line are all on the same page.

LH : What’s it like to score a touchdown?

JC : I’m not an “I” guy.  I know scoring is for the betterment of the team.  I like to celebrate with my teammates.  It is a great feeling.  Slap hands and celebrate.

LH : In today’s game, you just can’t be a running back.  You have to be a catching back and a blocking back too, right?

JC : Yes.  In today’s game, you have to be able to do it all.

LH : You run extensively out of the spread.  Is it easier for you to be back there 5 yards behind the line od scrimmage and be able to see what’s developing as the quarterback brings the ball to you?

JC : I’m not really particular about that.  I just go out there and try to do my job.

LH : Give me the rock and let me?

JC : Yes, sir.