By Leo Haggerty

Game week, baby.  Seven days until the beginning of the 2018 campaign for South Florida.

Because of that, photo access is extremely limited but I did get a chance to interview a bunch of players and coaches.

Today I got a chance to talk with Defensive End Kirk Livingstone.  The 6’4′ Fort Lauderdale native is one of the anchors in the Green & Gold defensive scheme.

As you’ll be able to tell by the tone of the conversations I had this week, everyone associated with the USF football program  is raring to go.

A plethora of new action shots from Photo Journalist Trace Crisp on the last day of access.  Nice job, TC.  Enjoy

LH : How important is winning that elusive first conference championship?

KL : It’s very, very, very important to us.  We haven’t won one here yet.  It’s a major goal of everyone on the team.

LH : When you play the option that Georgia Tech runs, is it tackle the fullback and hit the quarterback and run to the football once it’s pitched?

KL : Kind of.  We all have different jobs.  You have to remember what your job is because, if you don’t do your assignment, they end up scoring. It’s a type of offense that we don’t usually see.  It’s an offense that we have to focus on.

LH : Do you like it when you drop into coverage every now and then?

KL : I hope I get a chance to do that.  I really hope so.

LH : No offense goes as fast as your’s does in practice every day.  How important is that for conditioning and getting you ready to play a game?

KL : Really helps with conditioning because our offense will tire you out.  It’s very tiring playing against them especially at the pace they are starting to go.  You can sometimes get a breather but, in the end, it helps us.

LH : A different dynamic at quarterback this year.  A lot different than having to chase #9 around every day at practice, right?

KL : We have guys that can run now too.  Blake and Chris are good athletes.  They’re a lot faster than you think.