All sounds from here out, ladies and gentlemen.  We’re going to dazzle you with interviews until we can post some game shots after the Saturday opener again Elon at Raymond James Stadium.

Today’s honoree is Wide Receiver Devontres Dukes.  The 6’4′ Tampa native is just one in a long line of long and lanky wide outs that put on the Green & Gold.

As always, the man behind the glass is Trace Crisp.  Enjoy.

LH : Is getting ready for the first game a gradual process so you don’t peak too soon?

DD : Yes, I would say it’s a gradual process.  You can’t get all fired up like you’re ready to go and there’s over a week until the first game.  You have to stay calm and get ready.  Everybody knows they have to get ready for game time.

LH : If you don’t get those butterflies before the game you’re not ready to play, are you?

DD : I don’t know about that.  Everybody’s different.  I get a little bit of the butterflies but, after the kickoff, I’m ready to go.

LH : Coach Williams has coached some big-time wide receivers in his day.  What’s it like to play for him?

DD : Coach Williams is great.  He’s comes into the building energetic.  When one of the receivers get down, he works with him to get him back up.  I love playing for Coach Williams.  He’s a great guy.  He’s a great person.  He’s a great receivers coach.

LH : As much as you guys spread the football around, being the 4th option isn’t a bad thing, is it?

DD : No, being the 4th option isn’t bad they way we run our offense.  The bottom line is it’s like this.  You need to be ready when your number is called.  Whoever the quarterback decides to throw to, they better be ready to make a play.

LH : Do you read a lot of routes on the run where, if the coverage changes, you have the option to change the route?

DD : We do have a couple option routes. Yes, there are some options that the receivers have.  If we see something different, we can change but I don’t want to give away trade secrets.