By Leo Haggerty

As they say at NASA, “T minus 5 days and counting.” That’s the time frame we’re looking at until the Green & Gold open their 2018 college football season at home against Elon.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate.  For over a week, the Tampa Bay area has been inundated with severe thunderstorms in the mid-to-late afternoon.  Has got really ugly and the Buccaneers were in a 65-minute rain last week.  Don’t need that.

It wouldn’t be right unless we had some sage words from the head man himself.  Below are my questions for HC Charlie Strong.  Enjoy

LH : When you look at your wide receivers and tight ends, being the 4th option on this team isn’t too bad, is it?

CS : When you look at our wide receivers, we have enough depth there.  Coach Gilbert does a good job of running the offense.  We have a lot of receivers who can catch the ball and then run with it after they catch it.  Those YAC yards, yards after the catch, are really important.

LH : How much of an advantage is it to split Wilcox out when the defense is in their base scheme?

CS : In Mitch, we have a tight end that really is a mismatch for other teams especially if you have to cover him with a linebacker or a safety.  He can catch the football.  He’s athletic and can get open.  He’s going to be a big cog in the offense.

LH : As much as you spread the field from sideline to sideline, most people would think you’re a throw-first offense.  In reality, aren’t you a run-first offense?

CS : I want to run the football and be physical.  I think if you’re able to run the football it opens up the rest of the offense so much.  We have a lot of good running backs.  We have a bunch of guys in that stable that are really good players.  We can rotate them in.  We have some that are power runners and we have some that do other things.  We can really change it up at the running back spot.