By Leo Haggerty

Tampa Bay came out on the short end of a 30-27 score Monday night against Pittsburgh.  The Steelers moved to 1-1-1 on the season while the Buccaneers fell to 2-1.

The Pewter Pirates dug a 30-10 halftime hole that they almost climbed out of.  The Buccaneers clawed their way back to 30-27 but  were forced to punt on their last possession and the Black & Gold ran out the clock from there.

The big story of the game was turnovers.  Tampa Bay turned it over four times to one for Pittsburgh.

The fact that the Bucs had a shot to win, or at least tie, after losing the turnover battle by three is astounding. Why, you as? Let me explain in simple mathematical terms.

When you turn the football over, it costs you anywhere from 6 to 14 points.  That’s the FG or TD you didn’t get as well as the field goal or touchdown the opposition can put up on the scoreboard.

Ok, now do the math.  Tampa Bay coughed it up 3 more times than the Steelers.  That equates to a difference of between 18 and 42 points.  That, on most days, is insurmountable.

We need to come to the realization that, at least with Fitzpatrick at the helm and probably with Winston under center as well, that the Pewter Pirates are a “pass first, run second” offense.  That’s fairly obvious by the three straight 400-plus yard passing games put up by the Pewter Pirates offense.

If they weren’t, the Buccaneers would have had no chance of even getting back in the tilt.

Now, the question remains as to who will line up at QB for the Bucs this Sunday.  My guess is it will be #14 because of his performance so far and the short week of practice.

Only way to find out is to tune in Sunday when the Pewter Pirates travel to The Windy City to take on the Bears at Soldier Field.  See you then.