By Leo Haggerty

Week 8 was way too much a carbon copy of a majority of my previous prognostications.  Half were wins and the other half were losses.

I finished up 8-8 as you have already surmised.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being average.

That puts my yearly total at 66-61-1.  Just barely treading water and my short term investment banker is loving this.  I’m giving to him instead of him giving to me.

LEO’S LOCK (4-3-1) was nowhere to be found.  That hit the old wallet for 400 clams

LEO’S LOSERS (19-21) was it’s all-to-common 2-3 log.  That’s another 125 pesos.

LEO’S OTHERS (43-37), for the umpteenth time, saved my bacon with a 6-4 slate.  That put $500 back into my bank account.

Now, some people may be happy with those results.  Not me.  I need to pick up my game starting with this week.

Below are my picks for Week 9.  Also, I am declaring “Dog Logic” is in vogue for the rest of the year.  Enjoy.


CLEVELAND (+8 1/2) loses to Kansas City

Cleveland is a hot mess.  New head coach and new offensive coordinator will have their first baptism under fire against the Chiefs.  Kansas City is hitting on all cylinders on offense.  Browns need to score 31 just to be in the game.  Mayfield is progressing but he and the rest of the Cleveland offense aren’t there yet especially with a new play caller in his ear.  KC, 35-20, as the Mahomes train keeps running with four more TD passes



NORTH CAROLINA (+6 1/2) loses to Georgia Tech

Tech is the toughest team to prepare for and that’s a fact.  You don’t see that kind of triple-option offense any more along with the Yellowjackets blocking scheme.  Plus, the  Georgia Tech O travels well because they don’t throw the football a whole lot.  NC cannot get behind because The Ramblin’ Wreck will play “hide and seek” while you try to catch up and the clock runs.  The problem is that’s exactly what I think will happen.  GT, 30-21, with their usual ground assault

NORTHWESTERN (+9 1/2) loses to Notre Dame

This one is simple.  Northwestern is good but Notre Dame is better.  The Irish are on a mission and the Golden Domers realize they have to run the table with no conference championship game to use as collateral.  One thing that will hurt the South Bend crew is the ridiculous amount of travel they’ve had the last few weeks.  That won’t come into play this week with Evanston a short bus ride but it could down the road.  Understand this.  The Wildcats won’t roll over and play dead.  ND, 27-24, with a late turnover to seal the deal.

Tulane (+7) loses to SOUTH FLORIDA

The Bulls haven’t lost consecutive games since 2015.  Don’t expect it to happen now.  USF, 42-30, as South Florida finally puts together a full game in all three phases.

MISSISSIPPI (PK) loses to South Carolina

This is a tough one.  It all depends on which team shows up.  The Rebels are tough at home but the Gamecocks are starting to put it together.  Plus, the Columbia gang knows they have to go to the Swamp to take on Florida as well as make a season-ending excursion to Death Valley to play Clemson.  This is the game that Carolina will needs to be bowl eligible.  That should be enough motivation.  SC, 26-23, with a last-minute score.


WASHINGTON (-2 1/2) loses to Atlanta

I think this is the game the Redskins start to come back to Planet Earth.  Also, QB Matt Ryan is starting to use all his weapons as they are starting to get healthy.  My question is how does Washington cover Julio Jones?  The answer is they don’t so you have to go with the Falcons.  ATL, 34-24, with #11 catching two TD passes.



PURDUE (-3) loses to Iowa

Georgia (-9 1/2) loses to KENTUCKY

Missouri (+6) loses to FLORIDA

Duke (+9 1/2) loses to MIAMI-FL

Florida State (+7 1/2) loses to NORTH CAROLINA STATE

Boston College (-2) loses to VIRGINIA TECH


Tampa Bay (+7) loses to CAROLINA

New York Jets (+3) loses to MIAMI

DENVER (PK) loses to Houston

NEW ENGLAND (-5 1/2) loses to Green Bay


Alabama (-14 1/2) loses to LSU

Been a long time since the Crimson Tide played a night game in Baton Rouge.  Bama will find out the hard way why they call it Death Valley.  LSU, 26-24, in a major upset to everyone except the Tiger fans.

Los Angeles Rams (+2) loses to NEW ORLEANS

Does anyone want to bet against Drew Brees?  Not me and I don’t care who they’re playing especially when the game is in The Big Easy.  NO, 37-30, with a late TD pass from #9 in the dome.