By Leo Haggerty

Photo journalist Trace Crisp and I took a jaunt down to One Buc to take in Day 2 of the Buccaneers Mini Camp.  It was a typical June day in Tampa so that meant is was a wee bit on the warm side.

Keep in mind that the Pewter Pirates are still in helmets and shorts.  Not a lot that you can ascertain about the lineman on both sides of the football because the big boys are not in full battle regalia.

With the other players, you can determine whether they possess certain attributes but it’s still, as former Head Coach Lovey Smith emphatically expressed during his tenure, underwear football.  You’re not going to get a true assessment until the pads go on at training camp the end of July.

Until then, below are the answers to questions that I asked Head Coach Bruce Arians and Quarterback Jameis Winston.  look for this column to be updated with some statements from Wide Receiver Chris Godwin in the very near future.

Have a great summer and look for some new Buccaneers articles around the end of July.  Talk to you then.

HC Bruce Arians

LH : Is there certain boxes you wants to check at every practice?

BA : Oh yeah.  We put our guys in specific situations every day just so we become a smarter football team.  That’s because you never know when they’re going to happen in the beginning. Today, 22 seconds, no timeouts. Back at the eight with two timeouts. Every day it’s a different you must-win the game scenario both offensively and defensively.  So that’s how we become a smarter team.

LH : For the first time, Winston will come to the sideline and talk to someone who has actually played quarterback in the NFL.  How much will help him grow?

BA : It’ll help some. I think I’ve had a lot of them come off to talk to me and I didn’t play in the NFL – I coached it. I think it’s a matter of respect. What did you see? What’s on this picture?  Now, it’s video.  We can communicate on an honest level and so far, so good.

LH : Pass defense starts with a pass rush and that has been the main problem here over the past few years.  How do you expect to improve it?

BA : Well, you can create it a bunch of different ways. It’s not just a front four. I know Tampa traditionally had a front four for years. We don’t have a front four, per se. We’ve got a bunch of guys coming after the quarterback. Now, it could be four,  it could be three,  it could be eight.  That’s the unknown and that’s how you create a pass rush.

QB Jameis Winston

LH : For the first time in your career, you will come to the sideline and talk to someone who has actually played quarterback in the NFL.  How much of a help do you think that will be?

JW : I think it’s very important building that relationship with Byron. Seeing things how I see it. Understanding from being in that pocket and not all from a strategic standpoint. It’s excellent.

LH : How much has the terminology changed from last year to this year?

JW : A lot. Conceptually things are similar.  Just a little different terminology. That’s always the biggest change, dealing with new coaches.

LH : You said earlier you want to compete against yourself.  Are there specific things you want to accomplish at every practice?

JW : Just footwork.  Taking care of the football and completions. Footwork and taking care of the football and completions, all day.

Bruce Arians Head Coach talks to the Media