By Leo Haggerty

The Buccaneers last full-speed practice, before heading out to Pittsburgh for at Friday night date with the Steelers at Heinz Field, was a quick one.  Still, according to HC Bruce Arians, it was an effective one even though the Pewter Pirates were forced indoors again due to another balky weather day.

What we’re finding out about the Bucs head honcho is that he is not about quantity but quality.  He is keenly interested in seeing that his charges play fast and play smart.  That mantra applies to everyone from the starting quarterback to the third-team left cornerback.  No exceptions.

Also, look for the Pewter Pirates to adopt the philosophy of former Tampa Bay assistant coach Herm Edwards when he became a head coach.  If you happened to forget his tirade with a reporter when he was the leader of the New York Jets, I’ve highlighted that portion in the section below where the King of the Kangol quotes the current Arizona State head coach.

So, without further delay, here are the answers to my queries of Coach Arians whose commentary I can compare to a traditional Philly cheesesteak.  Short and to the point without a lot of filler.

LH : Some teams are severely limiting the number of snaps their veteran quarterback will take in the exhibition season.  Will you try to limit the exposure for Winston?

BA : Oh, we do that every year. We’re not interested in getting a hundred snaps. Every year it’s, ‘Where are they at?’ We’ll gradually increase each week a little bit. Whether we play a half of the third game or any of the fourth game will all depend on the players. I’ll judge that as we go along. There’s nothing set in stone.

LH : Is there one thing that you are disappointed with in training camp?

BA : I’m not disappointed with anything. We’ve got great effort, speed of practice every day. I’m anxious to go seem them play somebody else.

LH : What the one thing you want to get out of Friday’s game?

BA : A win.  That’s the only reason we play the game. Young players and veteran players.  You play to win the game.  And, organization. Not 10 guys out there on a punt.  Stuff like that. Just look like we know what we’re doing, and I want to see these guys play hard.

LH : Is it easier to open the preseason on the road or at home or doesn’t it matter?

BA : I don’t think it really matters. The crowd noise. I don’t anticipate it being that loud that we’d have to use a silent count but we’ll be ready for it.

LH :  Has there been one player, on each side of the ball, who has jumped out at camp?

BA : There’s probably more than one. I’m now anxious to see them in game situations. Our starters obviously will not play much but they don’t have to prove anything to me right now. I’m pretty much set in stone on those guys. It’s those young players covering kicks, playing smart, fast football.

Photo-journalist Trace Crisp provided the great sights of camp.  Enjoy.