By Leo Haggerty

Had a chance to catch up with HC Bruce Arians on Sunday after the 16-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins.  The Buccaneers Commander-in-Chief, although happy with the win, was not pleased with some specific area of the football team in all three phases of the game and made those points emphatically.

As usual, the “King of the Kangol” was his usual self with his answers to questions by the assembled media.  Concise and to the point with no added verbiage.  As a reporter, if you’re looking for a dissertation to your query of the head honcho, it just not going to happen.

If you think I’m exaggerating, check out his responses to my fistful of questions.  Spot on if I do say so myself.

LH : Did you considered attempting a 58-yard field goal at the end of the opening drive?

BA : No, it was kind of into the wind. Had it been going the other direction, maybe.

LH : When the Dolphins substituting on fourth down on the goal line, should the officials allowed you time to substitute as well?

BA : Yes and they cost us a timeout.

LH : You talked about players having to do special teams to make the squad.  Did TE Jordan Leggett, by making a touchdown-saving tackle on special teams, help his cause?

BA : Yeah, the guys are working their tails off on special teams. We had the miscommunication with 12 men.  Didn’t know who was in the game and who wasn’t, and we had two guys that were in there. We don’t like that, we don’t like that at all. Some other things that happened were we had nine guys out there one time. Just a lack of communication.  Forgot I’m out of the game on defense, but I’m not out of the game on special teams.  We’ll get that corrected easily.

LH : Soon, you’re going to have to start working 30 or so guys to get ready to play four quarters.  How important do mental reps become for second and third-team players?

“It’s huge.  That’s the thing that’s going to separate you making the team. Whether we look on the waiver wire for somebody else because you’re showing me you’re not smart enough to be a practice player.

LH : This may be a very simplistic question but can a dumb player play for you?

BA : No

That’s about as blunt as you can get.  The man with the glass is photo-journalist Trace Crisp.  Enjoy.