By Leo Haggerty

Had a chance to sit down for a couple of minutes with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and current South Florida Wide Receivers coach Charlie Williams.  The elder statesmen of the Bulls coaching staff has probably seen everything that could transpire that would effect his wide outs and that knowledge is priceless.

Check out below the answers to my questions and you’ll see what I mean.  Enjoy.

LH : First, the bad news. I‘ve never seen a team lose as many top-of-the-depth-chart wide receivers as you did last year. Have you ever had that happen to you before?

CW : It has happened before. Just a time or two. It‘s the nature of the business. We run and run and run and run until we can‘t run anymore. That‘s just part of the deal.

LH : Along that same line,
Tyre McCants every completely healthy all of last football season?

CW : It went in spurts. He was healthy for two weeks and then hurt for two weeks. He tried to play through it but it was just tough.

LH : #8 just didn’t seem like the same guy, was he?

CW : You‘re right. You‘re exactly right. He wasn’t the player he was the year before.

LH : Now, the good news. Where there a lot of guys you don‘t expect, in the beginning of last year, to get meaningful snaps get meaningful snaps?

CW : Yes they did. That might have helped them. No, it did help them coming into this year because they did get meaningful snaps last year.

LH : I told people that Wisconsin is Georgia Tech with a lot bigger guys coming at you. Does that pretty much sum it up?

CW : No question about that. It‘s a Big 10 team. We‘ll be ready to play when the time comes to be ready to play. We‘ll continue to work on the things we need to concentrate on to get better. When it‘s time to play Wisconsin, we will be ready to play.

LH : It‘s the Badgers size against the Bulls speed, right?

CW :
Yes and that‘s the way that this game is being billed. It‘s their size and they are really big. That going against are speed that‘s really good if we‘re doing the right things. We‘ll just have to see what happens.

LH : Kerwin Bell is now the Offensive Coordinator and the Quarterbacks Coach. Have things changed a lot for your wide receivers?

CW : KB has done a lot of good things. His offense is a bit different than what we have been accustomed to doing. I think everyone that‘s on the offensive side of the ball is having a good time with the new system but it‘s a learning process. We‘re still trying to improve every day.

LH : Charlie, you and me are older than dirt. How much longer do you plan on going?

CW : I really don‘t know. I‘m not tired yet. I enjoy teaching kids how to play.

LH : You don‘t consider it a job, do you?

CW : To me, it‘s never been a job. It‘s been fun to watch men grow and get their degree. I hope I‘m helping them get that degree.

LH : You have worked for a lot of really good head coaches, haven‘t you?

CW :
I had a lot of good head coaches to work for and that‘s been pretty awesome.