By Leo Haggerty

Time to play catch up with South Florida.  Especially when the Bulls entertain the Wisconsin Badgers this Friday.

Have both coach and player interviews with this article.  HC Charlie Strong starts it off and is followed by WR Randall St. Felix.

Both were short but, as you will see below, very insightful.  Look for another article on Wednesday and then a special treat that I’ll reveal to you then.  Trust me, it’s a blockbuster.

LH : I talked to Damar Dotson at Bucs training camp and he said that everyone didn’t buy into what the former coaching staff was selling.  Are you having any problems with that as it pertains to the new offense?

CS : No.  Offensively, Kerwin has a good system.  It allows are guys to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers.  We shouldn’t have that specific problem because we have a senior quarterback, a senior tight end, two senior offensive linemen, both tailbacks are seniors and a senior wide out.  It not a case of them buying in.  It’s more a case of them improving and seeing success.  When they see touchdowns they know that everybody can do it.

LH : On your touchdown, it was a hot read, correct?

RSF : Yes.  That’s exactly what it was.

LH : Has a new offensive coordinator meant a lot of changes for you?

RSF : Oh yes.  It’s changed a lot for me.  We have to do a lot more when it comes to reading coverages like the hot reads.  It allows our offensive to open up more and we’re having more fun by running a lot more routes.

The man behind the glass is photo-journalist Trace Crisp with his usual great shots.