By Leo Haggerty

So close, yet so far, in Week 2.  Had a chance to really put some big money in my till but, as they say on the game show Press Your Luck, the Whammie got me.  Still, a profitable weekend but not as good as it could have been.

LEO’S LOCK (2-0) was pretty much over by halftime when the Chiefs dropped 28 points on the Raiders in the 2nd quarter.  That put 250 yen in the good column.  LEO’S LOSERS (5-5) torpedoed my weekend.  Ended up 2-3 with two favorites going down in overtime.  That cost me 525 pesos.  LEO’S OTHERS (11-9) was a more respectable 6-4 and that was good for 300 greenbacks.

So, Week 2 was a repeat of Week 1 when you look at the overall won-loss chart.  Another 9-7 log and that computes to 18-14 on the season so far.  Only added 25 Washingtons to my total of 475.  That puts me up 500 with my short term investment banker, if we were playing for real.

Yes, I know it was a small increase but it wasn’t like I lost any coin of the realm.  Not losing is the #1 goal when it comes to prognosticating football games.

Now, let’s get to my Week 3 selections without delay.  You may find some of these a bit unusual but that’s the way I role.  I’ll explain Dog Logic later on down the road.  Until then, enjoy.

LEO’ LOCK – 350

Denver (+7 1/2) loses to GREEN BAY

Call me crazy but isn’t QB Aaron Rodgers and playing at home in the friendly confines of Lambeau Field worth at least 10 points to the Pack?  Plus, the Packers are just starting to get the feel of the new up-tempo offense and that’s not a good thing for the Broncos defense.  The game will be close but, in the end, #12 will find a way to get a win.  GB, 27-17, with Rodgers throwing a late TD pass to seal the victory.



Western Michigan (+5) loses to SYRACUSE

One thing you can count on in football.  You’re never as good or as bad as you were the week before.  The ‘Cuse got spanked by Clemson in the Carrier Dome last weekend but the Tigers are doing that to everyone.  Western is not at that level of competition and Syracuse will take full advantage of that.  SU, 45-24, with a bounce back win for the Orange.

Southern Methodist (+9 1/2) loses to TEXAS CHRISTIAN

An old Southwest Conference contest between teams 30 miles apart.  The Horned Frogs went up to Purdue last week and pretty much handled a good Boilermakers squad.  SMU is 3-0 and scoring points in bunches but the competition is nowhere near what the Ponies will face in Fort Worth.  TCU, 38-20, in a game that will be closer than the score.


Baltimore (+6 1/2) loses to KANSAS CITY

Yes, the Ravens are 2-0 and multi-dimensional QB Lamar Jackson is playing at an extremely high level.  I may have a different opinion if Baltimore was at home but they’re not.  Arrowhead is the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL and the Chiefs offense has so many weapons.  Now, add a healthy Sammy Watkins to the mix this season and that too much for the Black Birds.  KC, 29-20, and the beat goes on for the Chiefs.

INDIANAPOLIS (-1 1/2) loses to Atlanta

Yes, I know Atlanta doesn’t play well away from home but the Dirty Birds are in a dome in Indy. That’s a plus.  Nothing against the Colts here.  The Horseshoes have played with a lot of heart since the unexpected retirement of QB Andrew Luck but I think the Falcons are on a mission to get back to the playoffs.  Also, Julio Jones is a nightmare to try to stop.  ATL, 27-23, in a nail biter.

New York Giants (+6 1/2) loses to TAMPA BAY

This was another game I toyed with as putting under LEO’S LOCK.  G-Men going with rookie Daniel Jones at QB on the road in his first NFL start.  That’s enough for me but add this to the equation.  Tampa Bay defense is playing lights out using the 3-4 that DC Todd Bowles has implemented.  Bus offense starting to click as well.  TB, 34-13, in a game that’s over early.



PITTSBURGH (+12) loses to Central Florida

Central Michigan (+29 1/2) loses to MIAMI-FLORIDA

MISSISSIPPI (-2 1/2) loses to California

Tennessee (+14) loses to FLORIDA

TEXAS A&M (-3 1/2) loses to Auburn

Louisville (-6 1/2) loses to FLORIDA STATE


Detroit (+6) loses to PHILADELPHIA

Miami (+23) loses to DALLAS

SAN FRANCISCO (+6 1/2) loses to Pittsburgh

CLEVELAND (+3) loses to Los Angeles Rams