By Leo Haggerty
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You would have thought that the Buccaneers had just accomplished the impossible by beating the Rams 55-40 in LA.  Let I remind all you doubters of the three words that personifies the National Football League.  Any Given Sunday.  Would be a great title for a pro football movie, don’t you think?  Sorry to digress.

There’s two salient points I want to make before I begin to decipher the Pewters Pirates victory on the Left Coast.  Hopefully, it will help you understand what transpired in LA last Sunday afternoon a little better.

First, let me get this one out to you.  There were only two members of the media, Peter Blake from Bucs Report and myself, who picked the Bucs to win outright.

We both felt that Tampa Bay had all the ingredients at their disposal to win a very close game.  For example, go back and check out my GOAL LINE STAND column on the Rams and see if I wasn’t spot on with almost all four keys to victory.  Still, no one foresaw a complete thrashing of the defending National Football Conference champs at the Coliseum with the Bucs putting up over half a hundred on their side of the scoreboard and that includes me.

Second, this game was an anomaly now matter from which side you are viewing. Both Tampa Bay and Los Angeles should look at this game and say this was the exception and not the rule in the NFL.

The Buccaneers coming up with four turnovers is strange but not something that only happens once in a blue moon.  What is unusual is that Tampa Bay managed to turn those mistakes by the Rams into 28 big points.

With that being said, let me go into in depth with the “Leo’s Turnover Postulate” and please file this someone in your brain for future reference.  For you people who have already heard this, bear with me please.

A turnover, on the scoreboard, is only worth between three and seven points.  That’s real points.  Then, there what I refer to as the “hidden points” that a turnover provides.

A turnover can be worth, in hidden points, between 6 and 14 points.  How is that possible, you ask?  You have to factor in the points you get as well as the points your opponent was denied.

So, the Pewter Pirates cashed in with 28 points off LA miscues.  In reality, the Bucs were the beneficiary of a 56 point swing.  Now, that’s something that may happen a couple times a decade if that.

Now, let’s take nothing away from the Bucs.  On offense, Tampa Bay was opportunistic when the situations presented themselves.  On defense, the Buccaneers rattled Rams QB Jared Goff and gave their offense some great field position that was turned into points.  Finally, special teams were special with K Matt Gay converting a 58-yarder into three points.

The win over the Rams was a total team effort.  Offense and defense along with special teams all contributed splash plays.

After the first four contest, what we’ve seen so far is that the Bucs are on the seesaw.  A loss, then a win, then a loss, then a win.

Hopefully, this will be the start of a streak of victories.  We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out when the Pewter Pirates travel to The Big Easy to take on the Saints.