By Leo Haggerty
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OK, Week 6 was that “crash and burn” weekend.  Definitely went from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat and it cost me some big bucks.

LEO’S LOCK (4-2) came through and put 250 greenbacks in the black.  LEO’S OTHERS (35-25) went a respectable 6-4 and that increased my bankroll by 400 yen.  Sadly, that’s the end of the good news.

LEO’S LOSERS (15-15), for the first time in the four years I have wrote this column, threw up an 0-fer.  Yes, that’s correct.  A pathetic 0-5 and that cost me 1,575 rubles.

So, after posting a 7-9 log in Week 6, the 2019 arithmetic reads 54-42.  That debacle cost me 1,125 pesos which made my short term investment banker extremely happy.

Even after laying the egg last week and taking a big hit for it, I’m still playing with house money to the tune of $1,075.  That’s always good.

Now, it’s on the Week 7 and I need to stop the bleeding.  Below are my prognostications that I hope will get the ship back on course.


Michigan (+9) loses to PENN STATE

The Wolverines have to go to State College in central Pennsylvania and that’s never a good thing.  Happy Valley is one of the toughest venues to secure a win when you’re the visiting team.  Now, add to that a Saturday night kickoff and a “white-out” by the home faithful for good measure.  Plus, Penn State is really good.  That’s too many variables for a very underwhelming Michigan team to overcome.  PSU, 34-23, as the Nittany Lions move closer to a late November showdown with the Buckeyes in Columbus.



WAKE FOREST (+1 1/2) loses to Florida State

OK, this one’s on me.  The fact that the Seminoles are an underdog to the Demon Deacons makes two salient points.  The first is how far the football program has come in Winston-Salem.  The second is how far Florida State has plummeted.  This should be an easy pick for Wake but I just can’t get myself to do it.  FSU, 41-40, with a late kick that doesn’t go wide right saving HC Willie Taggert’s job for another week.

Boise State (+7) loses to BRIGHAM YOUNG

The Cougars let one get away in Tampa last week.  Brigham Young dominated almost every statistical phase of the football game except the one that’s the most important and that’s the scoreboard.  Boise had their way against Hawai’i last week but that was at home.  The Broncos have to go to Provo and, surprise, it’s Homecoming Week.  I know the guys in the blue jersey have lost three-in-a-row but stranger things have happened.  Plus, and here comes the conspiracy theory in me, the NCAA doesn’t want to deal with an undefeated Group of 6 team.  BYU, 28-27, with a late score to seal the deal.

TEXAS TECH (+7) loses to Iowa State

Ah, this just in.  The Cyclones are three points away from a perfect season.  One point against Iowa and two at Baylor.  The Red Raiders have also lost to the Bears by a field goal in Waco so, on paper, this looks like a pretty even contest.  I’m banking on the Iowa State offense just being a little bit better than the one in Lubbock.  ISU, 38-35, in a good old fashioned Big 12 shootout.


INDIANAPOLIS (PK) loses to Houston

The Texans may be the hottest team in the NFL with the hottest QB in DeShaun Watson as the trigger-man of their high-octane offense.  #4 cooked a 50-burger in a win over the Falcons and posted 31 in a victory at Arrowhead.  Also, remember that it was Indy that derailed the the Houston Express last year in the playoffs.  The Colts won’t just lay down and play dead but there’s just too much firepower from the Lone Star state guys.  HOU, 30-20, with Watson finding Hopkins for a couple of TDs.

NEW YORK JETS (+9 1/2) loses to New England

This one doesn’t even need an explanation.  Patriots undefeated and the Jets finally recorded their first win.  It not a matter of how New England wins but by how much is the Pats victory margin.  NE, 41-17, in a blowout.



Georgia Tech (+18 1/2) loses to MIAMI-FL

East Carolina (+33) loses to CENTRAL FLORIDA

Oregon (-2 1/2) loses to WASHINGTON

South Florida (+14 1/2) loses to NAVY

Florida (-4 1/2) loses to SOUTH CAROLINA


DALLAS (-3) loses to Philadelphia

TENNESSEE (-2) loses to Los Angeles Chargers

CINCINNATI (+3 1/2) loses to Jacksonville

Miami (+17) loses to BUFFALO

Minnesota (-1) loses to DETROIT