Article by Stephen Roger Fox  Senior Assignment Editor
Photography by Jeffrey Neil Fox

Blimy…What a show!

The game was Ugly the QB was bad and the London experience was Outstandingly Good.

The beer was flowing and the smell of Fish and Chips were in the air everywhere. It began with the official

Buccaneer pub The Admiralty Pub in Trafalgar Square where the Buc fans and Cheerleaders were in high spirits.

The fans were loud and Buc fans from all over Europe and the USA poured in. All the regulars were in attendance including

Big Nasty and all the rest.

Oh yes…….there was a game at the  Magnificent 1 Billion Pound Totenham Hotspur Stadium. The stadium has its own Brewery with the longest bar in Europe “The Goal Line Bar”. It extends down half the stadium hallway.

And does the Beer flow……..from way before kickoff until hours after the game. No cutoff…

The stadium has a retractable field. Roll out the grass for American Football and Roll out the Turf for the other Football which we call Soccer.

Amazing feature as the field was perfect.

The excitement was building throughout the pregame with the Tampa Bay Buc Beat Drum Line, The Tampa Bay Cheerleaders and the traditional Fly Over.

The singing of “God Save the Queen”, the Buccaneer video of the swashbucklers slaying the Panthers….

Many Past Buc Greats were there. Unfortunately they did not suit up and play the game.

Oh yes there was a game…..First pass from Winston…..Interception……one of 5, 2 fumbles and 6 sacks…2 by old friend Gerald McCoy.

Perhaps Bruce Arians should stop “whispering”to Jamais and start “Shouting”.

Carolina fans were energized and outnumbered the Buc fans probably because of one of there own Defensive End Efe Obada (Nigerian born) was playing for the Panthers.

The game was forgettable for Buc fans but the London experience and stadium was amazing.  All the fans we met were not happy with the result, but very happy they attended. Where else can you still buy a beer on the way out of the Stadium?

Hopefully the Bucs with a bye will fix what is broken and return for a show back in the USA. London is an amazing city and were outstanding hosts. Even the Queen was happy to welcome the diehard Buc fans. Better times to come.