By Leo Haggerty
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Week 7 got me back on the good foot.  Not a lot but, hey, at least I’m not giving anything back to my short term investment banker like the last two weeks.

LEO’S LOCK (5-2) scored again adding 250 big ones to the till.  LEO’S LOSERS (18-17) made a comeback from last week’s whitewashing to post a 3-2 log.  That was good for 375 pesos.  LEO’S OTHERS (39-31) was an unremarkable 4-6 and that subtracted 500 greenbacks from my winnings.

That left me with a Week 7 record of 8-8 but it was the right ones.  That was worth 125 yen.  That pushed my record to 62-50 as well as increasing my winnings to $1,200.  Not bad for seven weeks into the season.

So, it’s time to tackle Week 8.  Haven’t had to use, as my friend-for-life Rick Moore has coined, Dog Logic yet but you can expect to see that before the year is out.  Enjoy.


MICHIGAN (-1) loses to Notre Dame

OK, here’s where you have to wonder what Las Vegas knows that we don’t know.  The Fighting Irish have come out on the right side of the dash seven of the last eight trips to Ann Arbor to play the Wolverines is what Vegas knows.  Michigan has lost road contests to a one-loss Wisconsin team and undefeated Penn State.  Notre Dame lost to Georgia in Athens.  I think the South Bend guys are a little better than most people think so that’s why I’m going with the Golden Domers.  ND, 30-24, with a touchdown in overtime.



EAST CAROLINA (+2 1/2) loses to South Florida

I think the last time East Carolina beat South Florida was, uh, never.  I don’t see that changing this year even though the Bulls are in rebuilding mode.  USF, 28-13, in a game that’s close until the second half.

Tulane (+3 1/2) loses to NAVY

This will be another short one.  This just in.  The Middies defense may be just as good, or better, than the offense.  That’s doesn’t bode well for the Golden Hurricane.  NA, 30-13, and the Midshipmen continue their winning ways.

Virginia (-3) loses to LOUISVILLE

The weatherman is telling me that this game will be played in a deluge.  That’s one of the great equalizers in football.  With that being said, I’m going with the home team.  The Cardinals should be able to handle the elements better than the Cavaliers but it will be close. UL, 27-25, with a late stop of a two-point conversion.


Oakland (+6 1/2) loses to HOUSTON

Another one that needs only a few words.  Just too much D’s for the Raiders.  That’s QB Deshaun Watson and WR DeAndre Hopkins in case you’re interested.  Add a defense led by J.J. Watt and the Texans are at home.  That’s plenty for me.  HOU, 45-31, with a whole bunch of points going up on the scoreboard.

SAN FRANCISCO (-6 1/2) loses to Carolina

Yes, I know the 49ers are undefeated but I’m still not a true believer.  San Fran can shut down the run but the Panthers will still  find a way to get the football to RB Christian McCaffrey in space.  The Frisco offense hasn’t seen a pass rush like they see on Sunday from the Cats or a linebacker as smart and active as Luke Kuechly.  Plus, no telling what the environmental conditions will be with the Santa Ana winds predicted to be gusting up to 60 mph.  That’s another great equalizer.  CAR, 17-14, in a low-scoring affair.



TEMPLE (+11) loses to Central Florida

Syracuse (+10 1/2) loses to FLORIDA STATE

Miami-FL (+5 1/2) loses to PITTSBURGH

Arizona (-1) loses to STANFORD



New York Giants (+7) loses to DETROIT

TENNESSEE (-2 1/2) loses to TAMPA BAY

New York Jets (+6) loses to JACKSONVILLE

Denver (+6) loses to INDIANAPOLIS

Miami (+14 1/2) loses to PITTSBURGH