By Leo Haggerty
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Week 8 was a big success.  As Gene Autry sang, and you readers that are under 50 something will have to Google him, I’m back in the saddle again.

The only mistake I made was on LEO’S LOCK (5-3) because I didn’t take my own advice.  It was a monsoon at Ann Arbor and, if you read last week’s Leo’s Losers, you know weather is one of the great equalizers.  That mistake in judgement cost me 250 pesos but that’s the only negative of the weekend.

LEO’S LOSERS (22-18) was an extremely respectable 4-1 and that was good for 825 greenbacks.  That was topped by LEO’S OTHERS (47-33) that chimed in with an 8-2 log and that put 1,300 yen in my bank.

That gave me an outstanding 12-4 record for Week 8 if I do say so myself.  It also added up to an $1,875 increase in my bank account.

So, after eight weeks, my record is 74-54 and I’m in the black with my short term investment banker to the tune of $3,075.  I’ll take that any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Let’s see if I can continue the success with my Week 9 predictions. Some real interesting contests and Mother Nature is starting to get involved as we move into November.

Getting ready to board my jetBlue flight to Seattle so I’ll post this now.  Will explain my logic, not Dog Logic, tomorrow. Enjoy.


Tennessee (+3) loses to CAROLINA

Here’s my thinking on this one.  Yes, Carolina had a bye week that was sandwiched around a trip across the pond and then to SF on the Left Coast  I’m coming to believe that overseas games take a lot more out of teams than they want to admit.  I’m counting on playing in Charlotte will rejuvenate the Cats. CAR, 24-13, and the Panthers get a much-needed victory.



Utah (-3 1/2) loses to WASHINGTON

Hey, I flew all the way from Tampa to Seattle to watch this game up-close-and-personal.  It’s my first trip to Husky Stadium and everyone raves about the venue.  So, with all that being said, how can I pick against the Dawgs?  The Utes won’t just roll over and play dead but UDub will get energy from a raucous home crowd that will be happy for the 1 pm PDT kickoff. UW, 31-28, with a late field goal to send the home crowd happy.


I believe that HC Chip Kelly finally has it happening at the Rose Bowl for the Bruins.  The Powder Blue & Gold won the last two contests at Stanford and at home over ASU.  I look for that to continue when Colorado comes calling.  UCLA, 48-35, Ina high-scoring affair.


Jacksonville (+2 1/2)  loses to Houston

This is a tough one because both quarterbacks,    the Texans DeShaun Watson and the Jaguars Gardner Minchew, are playing at an extremely high level.  The X Factor in this contest is that it’s being played in London so there’s definitely no home field advantage.  Because of that, look for Watson to find a way to just be a little bit better than Minchew.  HOU, 28-27, with some late heroics by #4.

Chicago (+4 1/2) loses to Philadelphia

Last week, Philly went to Buffalo and found a way to win.  The Bears, on the other hand, found a way to lose to the Chargers in the Windy City and that one hurt.  The Birds need a win to stay on the heels of the Cowboys in the NFC East race and they’ll find a way to do that.  PHI, 23-21, with a late turnovers to seal the deal.

Indianapolis (PK) loses you PITTSBURGH

Will the real Steelers, please stand up!  The Black & Gold are finally starting to hit on all cylinders with backup QB Mason Rudolph getting better every game.  Indy won’t be easy but the Steel City guys needs it more than the Horseshoes and that’s what I’m counting on.  PIT, 26-20, with the win gets them closer to the Ravens in the AFC North.



Houston (+23) loses to CENTRAL FLORIDA

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (+5) loses to Oregon

MEMPHIS (-5 1/2) loses to Southern Methodist

Florida (+5 1/2) loses to Georgia

Miami-FL (+4 1/2) loses to FLORIDA STATE


New York Jets (-5) loses to MIAMI

Tampa Bay (+6 1/2) loses to SEATTLE

OAKLAND (-2) loses to Detroit

New England (+3 1/2) loses to BALTIMORE

Dallas (-7) loses to NEW YORK GIANTS