By Leo Haggerty
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The Bucs finally conclude their five-game road journey with a cross-country jaunt to play the Seahawks in Seattle. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:05 EST and it looks like Mother Nature is going to cooperate.  Game time temperature is expected to be in the high 50s with very little wind and no precipitation.

Tampa Bay comes into the contest at 2-5 and in the midst of a three-game losing streak after dropping a 27-23 decision to the Titans in Nashville.  Seattle comes into the tilt at 6-2 after a 27-20 triumph over the Falcons in Atlanta.

Can the Pewter Pirates prevail in Seattle?  Below are my 4 keys to victory.

I would normally say I’ll join you around the TV to see if I’m correct but I will be at Century Link Stadium to observe the contest in person.  Enjoy.


Yes, I know the Bucs fell like orphans.  Tampa Bay hasn’t had a home game since late September but the Buccaneers need to turn that into a positive.

The Pewter Pirates need to conjure up the memories of what they accomplished on their last trip to the West Coast.  Just as a quick reminder for those of you who forgot, that was the first leg of their NFL banishment tour.

Need I also remind you the Bucs emerged victorious against the Los Angeles Rams. No one expected that but it happened.

Tampa Bay needs to remember what they did in the Coliseum that Sunday.  That will go a long way to finding a way to win on Sunday in Seattle.


The Bucs lost to Tennessee last week for one reason and one reason only.  The Pewter Pirates committed an excessive amount of mental errors.

The Buccaneers need to eliminate the costly mental mistakes that they made on both sides of the football.  If they don’t, the end result will not be pretty.


You can bet the house payment that sometime during the tilt things will go south for the Bucs.  It’s the way of the NFL and it’s inevitable.

Adversity is like an open wound.  If you don’t treat it immediately, it just gets worse and can be fatal.

Tampa Bay must limit these circumstances.  They must also get themselves out of those situations immediately.


It’s common knowledge that the loudest venue in the National Football Conference is Century Link Stadium in Seattle. It got so loud there once that, during an NFC playoff game, the noise level that was reached there caused an earthquake.  Now, that’s some major decibels.

The Buccaneers need to be totally prepared for a fan base that has earned the moniker of The 12th Man. The Seahawks faithful pride themselves in making it virtually impossible for an opposing offense to communicate.  That leads to a plethora of pre-snap penalties of the false start and illegal motion as well as delay of game varieties.

The Pewter Pirates need to have a plan in place to snap the pigskin on a silent count. Plus, they need to be disciplined enough to follow that guideline.  If they don’t, it will be a long afternoon in the Great Northwest.

So, it’s time for my prediction.  Sorry, Bucs fans.  Too many things have to go right for the Buccaneers to steal a win in Seattle.

I know you are hoping for an Any Given Sunday upset but it’s not happening this Sunday. SEA, 24-23, with some late-game heroics by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson as Tampa Bay plays just well enough to lose.