By Leo Haggerty
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Week 11 was a carbon copy of Week 10 when it comes to wins and losses.  Just one small difference as you will see below.

LEO’S LOCK (8-3) was again just that.  Another 250 yen in my bank account.

LEO’S LOSERS (32-23) came through with a replica 3-2 log of the week before.  The only difference was it was the right three this week and that meant an increase of 225 greenbacks.

LEO’S OTHERS (61-49) repeated last week’s awful record of 4-6.  That cost me 400 pesos.

So, let’s review the week that was.  I posted another 8-8 slate.  The big difference was that I didn’t have to give back to my short term investment banker but was able to add 75 pounds to the black.  Not much but, hey, it wasn’t a give back.

That leaves me, after eleven weeks, with a record of 101-75.  Plus, it gets me above the 4-grand mark with an exact amount of $4,050 in winnings.

OK, it’s Week 12.  It’s time to take “Dog Logic” out of the back room and bring it to the forefront.  Why?  Because I’m playing with “House Money” as you see above.  That allows me to pick some underdogs.  As my good friend Ken Podolak has preached to me for years, “No risk, no reward” and it’s time to go all-in to increase my bankroll.

It’s time for my prognostications.  Some favorites but I’m looking for five dogs to come out barking and make me some big money.

Check out below those five teams that Vegas believes are not the favorites will come out victorious.  Enjoy.


Dallas (+8) loses to NEW ENGLAND

The Patriots are at home.  Tom Brady is healthy.  The weather is going to be ugly.  I don’t need any other reasons.  NE, 27-16, as the beat goes on in Beantown.



HAWAII (-3) loses to San Diego State

Usually, when a team has to go across the Pacific to take on the Rainbow Warriors, the trip and the beach time wear them out before kickoff.  Not the case with the Aztecs.  The SoCal club isn’t overwhelmed by playing in paradise because they do it every home game.  SDSU, 38-24, with a couple late scores.

MISSOURI (-4) loses to Tennessee

No, I’m not crazy.  Both teams at 5-5 but going in different directions.  Tennessee has won four of their last five and that loss was to Alabama.  Clearly, Rocky Top is getting better every week.  Mizzou has lost four in a row with the last two being Georgia and Florida.  UT, 27-20, as the Vols become bowl eligible.

TEXAS TECH (-2 1/2) loses Kansas State

The Wildcats have lost the last two by a very close margin.  The Red Raiders had a heartbreaking defeat to TCU and I think that will take a lot more out of the Lubbock guys.  KSU, 35-34, with a late score to seal the deal.


Denver (+4) loses to BUFFALO

The Broncos grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory last week against the Vikings.  That’s a loss that could turn into two especially having to travel to Buffalo to take on a very much improved Bills team as well as Mother Nature.  BUF, 19-9, in a defensive struggle as the Blue & Red stay within striking distance of the Patriots.

CINCINNATI (+6 1/2) loses to Pittsburgh

Let’s be honest here.  The Bengals are terrible and are not getting any better.  The Steelers are beat up on both sides of the ball and are coming off the debacle against the Browns.  On paper, this is not going to be a good game so I’m going with the team with the better record.  PIT, 20-12, with a late stop as the Black & Gold find a way to win.



SOUTH FLORIDA (+14) loses to Memphis

INDIANA (+8) loses to Michigan

Texas (+6) loses to BAYLOR

TULANE (+6) loses to Central Florida



Seattle (+2 1/2) loses to PHILADELPHIA

SAN FRANCISCO (-3) loses to Green Bay

TENNESSEE (-3) loses to Jacksonville

Tampa Bay (+4) loses to ATLANTA

Miami (+11) loses to CLEVELAND