By Leo Haggerty
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To my brother-from-another-mother, Rick Moore, just one sentence.  How ’bout that Dog Logic!

Two of my five underdogs came through and I know that you are out there saying what’s so special about that?  Well, those two barkers were in the LEOS LOSERS section and that was worth 750 Euros alone.

So, how did the rest of the week go, you ask?  Well, check it out and you tell me what you think.

LEO’S LOCK (9-3) was just that again.  That was worth 250 francs.

LEO’S LOSERS (36-24) was an outstanding 4-1.  That put a big 975 peso on the left side of the ledger.

LEO’S OTHERS (66-54) was a pedestrian 5-5 and, as usual, it was the wrong five.  That meant I had to give 300 greenbacks to my short term investment banker.  I hate when that happens.

So, the arithmetic for Week 12 was a very respectable 10-6 log.  That put 925 lira in my account and it’s growing.

Now, after a dozen weeks of prognostication, here’s where I stand.  My won-loss record is 111-81 and that computes to, drum roll please, a total of just under 5 grand.  That would be exactly $4,975 for those who have been following my exploits.

Let’s get to Week 13, shall we?  This is commonly referred to as Rivalry Week in the NCAA so you can throw the records out the window.  Also, a lot of teams will be playing for a berth in their conference championship game let alone the College Football Playoffs.

Still playing with house money but this may be the week where discretion is the better part of valor.  Or, to put it in simple terms, don’t get cute, stupid.

With all that being said, my picks are below.  Some are a little out there but I have a gut feeling on a few of the games.

Can I keep up this winning streak?  Gather around the TV to see and Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy.


AUBURN (+3 1/2) loses to Alabama

OK, it’s time for me to put up or shut up.  I’ve been preaching all year that the Crimson Tide will find a way into the Alabama Invitational, AKA the College Football Playoff. So, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

Yes, the Tigers are home but that’s not going to matter.  In my opinion, the NCAA and TV as well as the media want to make sure Bama gets in and that means a dominating performance in the Iron Bowl.  That will happen by hook or crook, if you catch my drift, which means War Eagle has no shot.

I truly hope I’m wrong but I don’t think it will play out any other way. UA, 31-17, with the Alabama defense putting up at least one score and the Crimson Tide move up to #4 in the next CFP ranking.



HOUSTON (+8) loses to Navy

The Midshipmen are the hardest team to prepare for because of what they do offensively.  To make matters worse for the Cougars, it’s the twelve game of the season so there’s a plethora of injuries and banged up defenders.  Not the best scenario to prepare for the triple option attack.

Also, the Middies still have a Philly date with Army in two weeks so the Blue & Gold want you go into that game with some momentum.  USNA, 41-30, in an offensive slug fest.

Tulane (+3 1/2) loses to SOUTHERN METHODIST

No, this isn’t Dog Logic. This is one of my gut feeling calls and here’s why.

The Ponies have a chance to win 10 games for the first time since 1984.  For you mathematically challenged individuals, that’s 35 years ago.

It won’t be easy. The Green Wave is vastly improved and already bowl eligible.

Still, I like the home team.  SMU, 45-35, in a high scoring affair.


This is my other gut feeling contest.  Don’t ask why.  It just is.

I think Uclans HC Chip Kelly finally has it going in the right direction.  Ran into a buzz saw against USC last weekend but what they do is score points.

Cal won’t be a pushover but the Bruins are at home and starting to get it on offense.  UCLA, 41-38, with a late FG to seal the deal.


NEW YORK GIANTS (+6) loses to Green Bay

Yeah, I know the Pack got trounced by the 49ers last weekend.  And, Green Bay has to go from the West Coast to The Big Apple all in the space of seven days.

Also, this isn’t San Fran in the other color jerseys.  It’s the G-Men and they’re not too good.

The weather may have an effect on the game but not the outcome.  GB, 35-17, with Aaron Rodgers goes off with five TD passes.

San Francisco (+5 1/2) loses to BALTIMORE

This one is simple. As long as Lanar Jackson is standing at the end of the game, the Ravens win.

#8 is having an MVP year and is the most dynamic player to come into the NFL in ages.  If he stays healthy, the former Louisville star could revolutionize the game.

With that being said, I’m not betting against him especially at home.  BAL, 30-20, and the beat goes on for the Black Birds.



MICHIGAN (+8) loses to Ohio State

MINNESOTA (+2 1/2) loses to Wisconsin

Miami-FL (-8 1/2) loses to DUKE

FLORIDA (-18) loses to Florida State

PURDUE (+7) loses to Indiana


MIAMI (+10) loses to Philadelphia

Tampa Bay (-3 1/2) loses to JACKSONVILLE

Cleveland (-2 1/2) loses to PITTSBURGH

New England (-3) loses to HOUSTON

Minnesota (+3) loses to SEATTLE