By Leo Haggerty
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Week 14 was another positive weekend.  I had a great Saturday by hitting on all of my college picks to get off to a fantastic start with my weekend prognostications.  Sunday wasn’t as good but still managed to put positive numbers on the board.

LEO’S LOCK (10-4) hit the bulls eye again.  This time for 250 yen.

LEO’S LOSERS (44-26) had an acceptable 3-2 log but the wrong two on the right side of the dash.  That only allowed me to add 75 greenbacks to my total.

LEO’S OTHERS (79-61) was a respectable 6-4.  That was worth 500 Euros .

So, after 14 weeks of picking losers, what is the arithmetic?  My won-loss record, after a 10-6 Week 14, is 132-92.  My total winnings, after adding $825 from last week, now stands at a phenomenal $7,150.  That’ my friends is a new record.

Now, the price of poker changes. The final college game of the 2019 regular season is, appropriately, Army-Navy.  That means for the next three week my predictions will deal solely with the National Football League.  The Thursday Night game will not be included but, for the final two weeks, all NFL games will be used.

Here’s my choices.  I know you won’t agree with all of them but that’s what makes for a healthy sports debate.


Denver (+9 1/2) loses to KANSAS CITY

Yeah, I know the Broncos went into H-Town and knocked the Texans off their high horse.  That’s the good news.  The Chiefs went into New England and beat the Patriots.  Better news.  Rookie Denver QB Drew Lock is in for an eye-opening experience going into Arrowhead.  Not only will he have to deal with the noise but Mother Nature will be a factor as well.  KC, 30-20, as the Chiefs roll toward another AFC West title.



DETROIT (+3) loses to Tampa Bay

Like I said a couple weeks ago, I believe the Bucs have turned the corner.  Even with three interceptions, QB Jameis Winston found a way to throw 4 TDs and run one in himself.  I know turnovers will be the death of almost all NFL coaches but I believe all of them would trade their signal caller putting a five-spot on the scoreboard when it comes to touchdowns.  Lions backup QB David Blough, who is in for the injured Matthew Stafford, is playing just well enough to lose and I think that’s what happens in the Motor City.  TB, 28-20, with #3 throwing three more end zone strikes with at least one going to WR Chris Godwin.

Cincinnati (+9) loses to NEW ENGLAND

Just how bad the Pats?  The fact that New England really felt they had to resort to filming the sideline of the 1-12 Bengals for their upcoming contest to gain an advantage tell me the state of mind of the guys in Beantown.  Patriots playing to win and get to the Super Bowl again.  Cincy playing to lose to get Joe Burrow.  Easy pick here.  NE, 23-17, in a game as close as the score.

PITTSBURGH (-2) loses to Buffalo

The Bills defense is for real.  For that matter, so is the Steelers defense.  That’s a wash.  I believe the game will come down to the offenses.  Buffalo is a touch better than Pittsburgh with QB Josh Allen leading the way as the Burgh goes with Delvin Hodges who was listed as the fourth team quarterback.  This game will be close because both teams want a low-scoring affair.  BUF, 19-16, with a late field goal as time expires.

Cleveland (-3) loses to ARIZONA

Here’s another team that I’m looking for to take a big step forward and get a victory. QB Kyler Murray is improving exponentially from game to game and I believe this is the tilt that the Cardinals end up on the left side of the dash when the game ends.  The Browns won’t roll over and play dead but playing at home will make the difference for the Red & White.  ARI, 24-16, with WR Larry Fitzgerald having a big day in the desert to seal the deal.

Indianapolis (+9) loses to NEW ORLEANS

I saw what a motivated Saints team looked like after losing to Atlanta when they demolished a pretty good Buccaneers squad in Tampa the following week.  Look for the same kind of effort in The Big Easy against Indy.  Enough said.  NO, 35-24, as the Saints shut the doubters up again on their march to the playoffs.



Army (+10 1/2) loses to Navy


WASHINGTON (+4 1/2) loses to Philadelphia

Chicago (+4) loses to GREEN BAY

TENNESSEE (-3) loses to Houston

CAROLINA (+6) loses to Seattle

NEW YORK GIANTS (-3 1/2) loses to Miami

Jacksonville (+6 1/2) loses to OAKLAND

Atlanta (+10 1/2) loses to SAN FRANCISCO

DALLAS (+1) loses to Los Angeles Rams

Minnesota (-2 1/2) loses to LOS ANGELES CHARGERS