By Leo Haggerty
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I am well aware of the old saying that goes “What goes up, must come down” but it doesn’t seem to apply lately to my prognostications.  For some reason, I keep going, as Captain Kirk so eloquently stated, “where no man has gone before” and I’m liking it.  If you think I’m exaggerating, check out the numbers below.

LEO’S LOCK (11-4) is on a roll with another winner.  That was worth 250 pesos.

LEO’S LOSERS (49-26) was an impeccable 5-0.  That put 1,425 rubles in my pocket to the chagrin of my short term investment banker.

LEO’S OTHERS (84-66) was a very pedestrian 5-5 with, as usual, the wrong five on the right side of the dash.  That cost me 200 pounds.

Now, that adds up to an 11-5 weekend and $1,450 in the black.  If we add Week 15 to my previous total, the numbers are a bit staggering.  My total won-loss log is 143-97 and that equates to a grand total of $8,600 of house money.

Also, you’re in luck because there a dose of “Dog Logic” included this week.  That’s because it’s Week 16 and, for whatever reason, the National Football League usually has a preponderance of unders.  For that reason, I’m putting a Benjamin on all the unders just for giggles of course.

Finally, I normally post the Losers on Friday night or Saturday morning.  With no college games, I have to use the three Saturday National Football League tilts to keep the total games used at the normal number of 16. I’ll be posting sometime before kickoff on Saturday.  I’m purposefully waiting until the last minute because of some severe weather situations that could effect some contests.

So, here are my picks.  Let’s hope they’re right and I continue to “Live Long and Prosper” for at least for another week.  Enjoy.


Arizona (+9 1/2) loses to SEATTLE (50 1/2)

The Cardinals are getting better but only playing for pride.  The Seahawks are playing for home field throughout the NFC playoffs.  Add on that it’s outdoors in Seattle.  That’s enough for me.  SEA, 30-21, and the beat goes on in the Great Northwest.


Los Angeles Rams (+6 1/2) loses to SAN FRANCISCO (44 1/2)

Do you really think the 49ers are going to lose two in a row?  I don’t.  SF, 28-16, setting up the showdown in Seattle for the top spot in the NFC West.

CLEVELAND (+9 1/2) loses to Baltimore (49 1/2)

The Browns only chance is if Ravens QB Lemar Jackson isn’t standing at the end of the game.  I don’t see that happening so the Black Birds are winners.  BAL, 31-17, as the march to the top of the AFC continues for the Ravens.

CHICAGO (+6) loses to Kansas City (44 1/2)

Both teams are used to playing in bad what so what’s the difference?  QB questions in the Windy City.  None with the Chiefs.  Enough said.  KC, 24-14, as Mahomes carves up the Bears defense.

WASHINGTON (-1) loses to New York Giants (42)

Other than the gamblers, who cares about this one.  G-Men are bad but the Skins are worse.  NY, 19-17, in a battle of field goals.

Cincinnati (-1) loses to MIAMI (46 1/2)

Does either of these teams really want to win?  The Bengals and the Dolphins both playing for a better position in the draft so losing is not a bad thing.  The Fish are at home so I give them the advantage.  MI, 26-20, with a late stop to seal the deal.


TAMPA BAY (+3) loses to Houston (51)

NEW ENGLAND (-6 1/2) loses to Buffalo (37)

ATLANTA (-7) loses to Jacksonville (47)

NEW YORK JETS (+3) loses to Pittsburgh (37)

TENNESSEE (+2 1/2) loses to New Orleans (49)

Carolina (+6 1/2) loses to INDIANAPOLIS (46 1/2)

Oakland (+7 1/2) loses to LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (45)

Detroit (+7) loses to DENVER (38 1/2)

Dallas (-2) loses to PHILADELPHIA (46)

MINNESOTA (-5 1/2) loses to Green Bay (47)