By Leo Haggerty
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Honestly, I was preparing for a little bit of a down weekend.  I figured it would be nearly impossible to improve on an 11-5 record so I was prepared for a dip especially when I had to pick all 16 National Football League contests.  Just how big that dip would be, I didn’t know.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was right.  No improvement on 11-5 but my winning streak continues.  The good news is I posted another 11-5 week.  The better news is that LEO’S LOSERS was, for the second week in a row, 5-0.

The only bit of bad news was that LEO’S LOCK didn’t come through.  After that, as you will see below, I cannot complain about the results of Week 16.

LEO’S LOCK (11-5), for the first time in a long time, failed to come through and that cost me 450 greenbacks.  The good news is that’s the only bad news of the weekend.

LEO’S LOSERS (54-26) had another perfect weekend with two of the five winners being dogs. That computed to a whopping 1,425 rubles.

LEO’S OTHERS (90-70) kept the beat going with a 6-4 log.  That put 400 lira into the black.

That, as I said earlier, adds up to another 11-5 log and that meant an increase in my bank account of $1,375.  I’ll take those results every weekend.

So, with one week left before the NFL playoffs, the arithmetic is as follows.  My won-loss record is 154-102 and that equates to a bank of house money just under 10K.  $9,975 to be exact and to say my short term investment banker is not happy is an understatement.

Now, to make matters worst for my STIB, I recommended that you put a Benjamin on the under for every NFL game.  If you had followed my instructions, you would have finished 10-6 and put $340 in your Christmas Club account.  Welcome to “Dog Logic” at its best.

Well, that leaves me with a lot of money and one week to go.  Not going to go crazy and increase my betting line, as some people may do, but continue to “dance with the one who brung me” so to speak.  Plus, a lot of teams that have already clinched their playoff seed will be resting specific players and that leads to a lot of indecision.

Below are my Week 17 prognostications.  Let’s see if I keep the ball rolling.  Enjoy.


Los Angeles Chargers (+8 1/2) loses to KANSAS CITY

Chargers playing for pride.  Chiefs playing for a shot at a first-round bye.  Throw in the fact that the game is at Arrowhead and that’s enough for me.  KC, 27-17, as Mahomes and Company head into the playoffs on a high note.


NEW YORK GIANTS (+4 1/2) loses to Philadelphia

G-Men will start a rookie QB in Daniel Jones but don’t be surprised if you see Eli Manning under center before the final horn sounds.  Eagles need a win to lock up the NFC East title but it won’t be easy.  The Birds have a myriad of injuries and now have to add to that TE Zach Ertz who just happens to be the favorite target of Philly QB Carson Wentz.  On paper, looks like the Philadelphia JV will be trying to steal another one like they did against the Cowboys at the Linc last weekend.  The Green & Silver will be playing on adrenaline and will need another huge performance especially from the defense.  PHI, 19-17, with a big late stop to move on to the post-season.

Pittsburgh (-2 1/2) loses to BALTIMORE

Normally, when a team sits some starters I pick the opposition especially when shoe-in MVP Lamar Jackson is one of them.  The problem is the Steelers are starting their 4th team signal caller while the Ravens are going with their backup quarterback.  That’s not a good sign when you need to win to get to January football plus you on the road at M&T Bank Stadium.  Also, the Black Birds would like nothing better then to knock Pittsburgh out of the playoff chase.  BAL, 16-10, in a defensive struggle.

New York Jets (+1 1/2) loses to BUFFALO

Bills are the fifth-seed in the AFC no matter what the outcome but need to go into the playoffs on an uptick especially when they are going to have to go to Houston next week. Jets are just playing out the string but Buffalo defense, as well as the Bills raucous home fans, will give NY QB Sam Darnold fits.  BUF, 13-10, in a low scoring affair.

San Francisco (-3 1/2) loses to SEATTLE

This is the game of the weekend.  The winner wins the NFC West and the loser goes to Philly or Dallas.  49ers are just decimated on the defensive line and Beast Mode is coming out of retirement just for this game.  What puts the Seahawks over the top will be the 12th man at Century Link Field.  Been there this year for the first time and it is REALLY loud. SEA, 24-20, as Marshawn Lynch has another “earthquake” performance in his Seahawks return.

DENVER (-3 1/2) loses to Oakland

Yes, Broncos playing at Mile High.  I get it but the Raiders still have an outside shot of making the playoffs but none of that can happen if the Silver & Black doesn’t win.  OAK, 27-20, as the Raiders go out with a win in their last game before moving to Vegas.

Tennessee (-4 1/2) loses to HOUSTON

CINCINNATI (+2 1/2) loses to Cleveland

Chicago (+1 1/2) loses to MINNESOTA

Indianapolis (-3 1/2) loses to JACKSONVILLE

Atlanta (+1 1/2) loses to TAMPA BAY

Washington (+10 1/2) loses to DALLAS

CAROLINA (+12 1/2) loses to New Orleans

Miami (+15 1/2) loses to NEW ENGLAND

DETROIT (+12 1/2) loses to Green Bay

Arizona (+ 7 1/2) loses to LOS ANGELES RAMS