by Leo Haggerty

Ladies and gentlemen, after a short hiatus, Its Sports! Magazine is back.  And not too soon with what has transpired globally.

Our publisher, Jeffrey Neil Fox, has gone above and beyond to improve the website from a technological standpoint.  As you will see, it’s a total overhaul to enhance the viewing experience of our readers.

Also, as you will see, we have asked our numerous correspondents to supply articles to expand the scope of Its Sports! Magazine.  Look for some new contributors to ISM with a lot more diverse content.  That will be appreciated by our regular readers as well as peeking the interest of those new to the website.

Jeff made the decision about a month ago to upgrade our website and we had to stop posting our usual compelling content.  Now, with everything up and running on all cylinders, we’ll turn the page and move to a new chapter of bringing to you, our devoted readers, the best  sports coverage anywhere.