By Leo Haggerty

Like everyone else, I have a whole lot of spare time with no sports to watch.  With that being said, I will make a concerted effort to post compelling content once a day starting today.

Please bear with me on that because, as a school teacher, how we conduct classes are in flux.  The method of delivering lessons to students by what is commonly being referred to as e-learning is changing literally from minute to minute.

Below is my first column during the Pandemic.  Hopefully, more will follow on a regular basis.  Stay safe and enjoy.


That, putting it in plain and simple language, is the problem.  Nobody has a clue about COVID-19 and here’s why.

The BIG problem is that the Coronavirus initiated in China.  Because the Middle Kingdom isn’t disclosing the origin of the disease, or any other pertinent information for that matter, no one knows if it is a natural or man-made virus.

Just reading that last sentence makes me shudder.  The fact that the Chinese Communist government could have been trying to develop a virus as a biological weapon is frightening.

Now, that’s presenting a real dilemma for the scientific and medical community.  Those folks are literally “flying blind” because China is not being forthcoming on the particulars of how this came to be.

Hopefully, the numerous groups that are working diligently to come with answers as well as a vaccine to combat the COVID-19 are successful.  Until then, please follow all the instructions given by your federal and state and local government so we can eradicate all remnants of the COVID-19.


There is one good thing to come out of the “sheltering in place” that most, if not all, people are experiencing.  A lot of folks are reopening lines of communication with family and friends and that’s always a positive.

A lot of individuals are using the “talk to 5” rule.  That is, every day, to reach out and touch five people that they haven’t had contact with in way too long.

In this time where there is a definite need for social distancing, that only applies to the physical component.  The communication part is being encouraged especially if you know of people who are living alone or in facilities that are not allowing visitation of any kind.

That’s the nice thing about a cell phone.  You can create a thread of two or more people and have a group text conversation.  You can take care of all five, or more if you so choose, at one time.

People are discovering old relationships and even creating new ones.  That’s always a good thing.

Reach out today to at least five people who you haven’t spoken to in years.  You just may reconnect with a person experiencing loneliness and made that person’s day.  Go for it.


Did March Madness go south in a hurry.  In less than 48 hours, the NCAA went from the early rounds of the Major Conference Men’s Basketball Tournaments to a complete shutdown of arguably the most anticipated three-week extravaganza in American sports.

Knowing what we know now, there is no debate as to whether the NCAA powers that be made the right decision.  It was one that had to be made for the safety of all the individuals that would have been attending the contests.

There is no blame here.  Just frustration.  As my son Shaun so aptly described what I believed so many fans were feeling when he said, “We have gone from March Madness to Such Sadness.”  Well said, my boy.


I’m looking into the Crystal Ball and the images I am seeing are not pretty ones.  It’s is still a bit cloudy but it is one that is foretelling a very grim outlook for the future of sports in the United States for 2020.

The Omnipotent Orb is showing in perfect clarity that the NBA and the NHL are finished.  There will be no resumption of the season.

Here’s were it gets a bit cloudy.  The Spectacular Sphere is predicting that Major League Baseball will never play a game.  MLB will have to cancel their season entirely.

Finally, the Transparent Teller of Truth is really cloudy with the last prediction.  From what I can decipher, the NFL, as well as NCAA football, will be delayed.  The first tilts will not be played until the beginning of October.

As you can see, the Crystal Ball isn’t seeing much hope for a quick recovery in the field of sports from the COVID-19 virus.  Let’s hope that’s not the case and, until the next installment, the Knower of All rests.