By Leo Haggerty


First of all, and I will start EVERY article with this paragraph, sports pales in comparison with what is occurring with the Coronavirus. Hopefully, the columns that I, and the rest of our correspondents, provide you is a momentary escape from the trials and tribulations that Americans, and the rest of the world’s population, are experiencing. The COVID-19 is not a video game that you can press reset and get a new life. This is real and dangerous so, above all, be prudent and stay safe.

Going crazy penned up in the domicile?  Here are five suggestions that, I believe, will help you survive and get through this time of hardship.

1-Find a Daily Planner. Write down a schedule and stick to it.  Make sure you include EVERYTHING that you do and that includes meals as well as exercise along with periods of rest.

2-Make sure you have at LEAST an hour of “Me Time” built into your schedule.  Whether it’s read or watch TV or write, you need to do something EVERY day that you enjoy.

3-Once a day, or every other day, Include in your exercise regiment an outdoor activity.  Go for a walk.  Hop on the bicycle.  Drag your exercise equipment outside.  Basically, find a way to get out of the house or apartment and get some fresh air.

4-Contact people you’ve been meaning to talk with but haven’t had the time.  Now you do. Make it a point to talk to at LEAST one new person every day.

5-Once a week, do a take out from a local restaurant as well as a fast food establishment.  Also, change it up every week.  These two weekly excursions will keep this group, that is suffering tremendously from the pandemic, to see some sort of monetary patronage.  Remember, every little bit helps and, if you go to pick up your food, don’t forget to wear a mask.

There’s a fistful of recommendations to help you make it through the day.  You may have one or two that you’re already using that I didn’t include.

By all means, if something that I didn’t list is working for you, don’t change.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” needs to be your mantra in these trying times.

Folks, trust me, you are not alone when it comes to cabin fever.  I would say almost everyone is having trouble dealing with the national “shelter in place” directive and there’s no playbook to consult on how someone survived this in the past.  Ladies and gentlemen, we’re flying blind here.

Normally, we are not a people that stays in their habitat for extended periods of time.  It’s definitely a radical diversion from what we consider normal life in the United States of America.  Still, it is what is needed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Know this, my loyal readers. No matter how uncomfortable the COVID-19 pandemic has made life in the USA, we will get through it.

The biggest question is when will the country return to normal?  That’s what no one knows and, until we get that information, please abide by the following guidelines.

Just be patient.  Just be prudent.  Just be safe.