By Leo Haggerty


First of all, and I will start EVERY article with this paragraph, sports pales in comparison with what is occurring with the Coronavirus. Hopefully, the columns that I, and the rest of our correspondents, provide you is a momentary escape from the trials and tribulations that Americans, and the rest of the world’s population, are experiencing. The COVID-19 is not a video game that you can press reset and get a new life. This is real and dangerous so, above all, be prudent and stay safe.

Normally, Memorial Day is a huge sports weekend.  The NBA and the NHL are deep into their playoff season.  MLB is having one of its rare interleague weekend series.  The Indy 500 shares center stage with the Coca-Cola 600 when it comes to motor sports.  A smorgasbord of athletic entertainment to be sure.

Well, the Memorial Day of 2020 was devoid of sports.  There were a few athletics events but not the jam-packed lineup that fans have grown accustomed.  Welcome to the new normal of COVID-19.

What the pandemic forced Americans to do was to stop and contemplate the true meaning of Memorial Day.  This was the day that the country honors the memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom.

So, please pause for a moment during your festivities today to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives to preserve this American way of life.  It’s the right thing to do.