By Leo Haggerty


As you know, I host an internet sports-talk radio show on Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 pm ET.  What a surprise there, right?

Well, I just want to share with you our “Top Three” statements made on Knights Sports Radio since the beginning of June.  I think that you’ll agree that these will go viral after you folks read them and pass them on to your friends.

The first was on June 16th.  That’s when I asked Steve Varcardipone, our KSP correspondent for the AFC South, if you have to make a business decision if you want to tackle Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans.  Without hesitation, his response was that  “You make a business decision if you tackle him in the first quarter.  In the fourth quarter, you make a retirement decision.”  Right on target, Stevie Vee!

The second viral quote came on June 30.  That when I inquired of David Alexander, our KSP correspondent for the AFC West and whose picture graces this article, if Head Coach Jon Gruden is going to have trouble keeping the Las Vegas Raiders in line now that they were in Sin City.  He emphasized that “It’s going to be a problem. It will be difficult for the Raiders to stay focused in a city built on distractions.” You hit that one out of the park, DA!

Finally, the last comment I expect to go ballistic was made earlier tonight.  Jeff Podolak, our other AFC West correspondent, is a Philly guy like myself.  I queried him was he happy to see Chiefs Head Coach and former Eagles mentor Andy Reid finally make it to the top of the mountain.  After a brief pause, Jeff slowly stated “After Super Bowl 52, I cried.  After Super Bowl 54, I smiled.” That may only resonate with Birds fans but you’re spot on, Congressman!

So, there you have it.  Three great insights from members of our expert KSP staff.  I like all three but they still don’t top the Mt. Everest comment of KSP NCAA Men’s Basketball Analyst John Lentz earlier this year.  When I asked him does the NCAA really care about student athletes, he immediately prophesized “There are three corrupt organizations in the United States.  They are the Mafia, the IRS and the NCAA and not in that order.”  Lentzie, you all over that one!

No, John is not in the witness protection program after making that statement.  I guess the truth hurts, right?

So, join us on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday from 8 to 10.  You never know what my guests, or I for that matter, will say but I guarantee you that it will be informative and entertaining.  See you on the radio next week.