By Leo Haggerty


Let me take you back to December of 2019.  That seems like an eternity with this nightmare we are living through, right?

Bear with on this one, ladies and gentlemen.  There is a method to my madness but it will take a few paragraphs to get there.

I just want to remind all the national sports “talking heads” about their distain for, in their own words, the ridiculous amount of college bowl games.  They lamented that there are, and I use their verbiage again, way too many insignificant and meaningless bowl games on the docket.

Their battle cry is who watches the “Asian Chain Saw Sports Drink Bowl” in early December?  In their shortsighted vision, it doesn’t matter.

Some even want you to accept the premise that there are only three bowl games that  matter.  That’s the two College Football Playoff semi finals and the CFP Championship contest.  No other games matter and should not be played.

Well, these folks are so far out in right field they have to buy a ticket to get back in the stadium. Here’s a two-part memo to those members of The Fourth Estate that subscribe to that specific belief.

The first part is that it’s not meaningless and insignificant to those involved in the contest. The bowl game is their reward for a successful season.  The better the record, the better the bowl game.

As an example, and I will bet my next Social Security check, you would have a hard time  finding one complaint from any of the participants in the Outback Bowl in Tampa.  New Years in Florida doesn’t sound meaningless and insignificant to me especially if your coming from sub-freezing locales to play a quality opponent.

The second part is to be careful what you wish for.  After going through four months of no major competitive sports, I would guess that those same media members would take any live football over Cornhole or Disaster Diving or Madden Bowl or the perpetual reruns of past contest.

So, the next time you hear a correspondent complaining about the number of bowl games, just remind him of this American “four-month team sports blackout and counting” during the pandemic.  If they’re smart, they’ll change their tune in a hurry but that’s a huge assumption.