By Leo Haggerty


With the Big Ten and the PAC-12 deciding to go to a conference-only format for its fall sports schedule, you may be wondering why the other three Power 5 conferences have not following suit.  Well, here’s a possibility as to why there has been a delay.

It could create a conundrum.  That problem is will colleges that have out-of-conference traditional football rivalries be allowed to continue?

Seems like an easy decision, right?  A school plays 10 teams within their conference.  This stopgap measure gets institutions through the 2020 season with the possibility of having fans in attendance.  That would provide revenue to keep athletic programs afloat.

Also, this guarantees that all of your opponents will be following the exact same protocols as you.  Creates as safe and even playing field as anyone would expect.

So, no non-conference games.  Simple choice and end of story, right?

Before you come to that definitive decision, let me throw out just a few gridiron tilts, that have been continuously played for decades, that would be affected if that’s the policy.  Iowa-Iowa State.  Georgia-Georgia Tech.  Kentucky-Louisville.  Clemson-South Carolina.  Florida-Florida State.

While were at it, let’s add the ones that don’t include Power 5 conference schools.  Notre Dame- Southern Cal. Colorado-Colorado State.

Finally, let’s add the one everyone watches.  Army-Navy.

Here’s my suggestion.  If all the Power 5 conferences go to conference-only competition, have only nine games.  Allow each school one “wild card” game at the end of the season so these traditional-rich tilts can continue.

Yeah, I’m thinking as fan of college football now.  Is there anything wrong with that?